Access to Space Exploration Images and Data

MRO HiRise Camera @ Mars

Using a better Jpeg2000 viewer to look at HiRise Images

The HiRise camera pages use a Java Jpeg2000 viewer but it's rather basic. Helioviewer can also access the HiRise JPIP server and has better functions.

To use Helioviewer we need to connect to the JPIP server that serves the HiRise images. You can see the server link in the Java viewer but it can't be copied. Here it is ...


Put the link into the JPIP server section of the Helioviewer open image dialogue.

Now take a link to a Jpeg2000 image from the HiRise page ...

Put the part after "file=" into the second part of the Helioviewer open file dislogue ...


Now the image should open and you'll be able to use all the functions of Helioviewer.

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