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“Perpetual Motion Without Energy” — Scientists Claim Time Crystals are New Form of Matter

Sun, 29/01/2017 - 14:18
The University of California Berkely have published this press release regarding the discovery of what they call a new form of matter — time crystals.–sun012617.php An excerpt: In a paper published online last week in the journal Physical Review Letters, the University of California, Berkeley assistant professor of physics describes exactly how to make […]
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Stanford Energy Club Meeting on LENR, Jan 25, 2017 (MFMP Video)

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 17:18
Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing a link to a video from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project of a meeting held at Stanford University on LENR. The meeting was the kickoff meeting of the Stanford Energy Club’s Nuclear Energy Community held on January 25, 2017, and this meeting had a LENR Panel. The panel members […]
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Airbus Continues Engagement in Cold Fusion, Files Patents for ‘Fusion Reactor’ and ‘Fusing Ultra-Dense Hydrogen’

Thu, 26/01/2017 - 20:51
Thanks to Lou Pagnucco on the LENR Forum for posting links to two new related patent applications that Airbus has submitted to the US Patent office that show they have continued interest in the field of LENR. The first is for: “Material arrangement for fusion reactor and method for producing the same” Here’s the abstract: “A […]
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Rossi: Demo Postponed, QuarkX Broken and Repaired

Wed, 25/01/2017 - 07:44
For those of us who were looking forward to a demo of the QuarkX in February, the timetable has recently shifted. Andrea Rossi reported that when he was in North Carolina with his legal team, he had been informed by his people in Miami that there was an unspecified problem with the QuarkX. Soon after […]
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Notice: Site Maintenance

Tue, 24/01/2017 - 07:42
To Readers: I have had some reports of Malware associated with the Google Chrome browser occurring when accessing E-Cat World using Chrome (other browsers are not affected). The problem with this malware is detailed here, and so far any actions taken to prevent it have failed. So I am going to revert back to a […]
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Announcing the Development of $20 Million+ XPrize for Abundant Clean Energy Technologies (David Niebauer)

Sat, 21/01/2017 - 07:09
The following post has been submitted by David Niebauer The future of humanity requires a new primary energy generation technology that is clean, abundant, safe, and affordable. Renewables such as solar PV and wind do not provide the energy density or reliability necessary for a true energy transformation. We have relied on the oldest technology […]
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New Paper by Leif Holmlid: “Mesons from Laser-Induced Processes in Ultra-Dense Hydrogen H(0)” — (COP 450?)

Fri, 20/01/2017 - 17:30
There has been some discussion here already about the paper published on January 12 by Swedish scientist Leif Holmlid on the PLOS website titled “Mesons from Laser-Induced Processes in Ultra-Dense Hydrogen H(0)”, and I thought it worth putting in its own thread. The article can be accessed here: The paper describes the results of […]
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Rossi Goes to North Carolina — Working Towards Settlement?

Wed, 18/01/2017 - 22:25
Andrea Rossi today posted this on the Journal of Nuclear Physics: Andrea Rossi January 18, 2017 at 10:12 AM JPR: Today I am in Raleigh, N.C., with my Attorneys, but from my Team the update id good. Warm Regards, A.R. It’s an interesting comment, since Rossi is normally in the Miami and reports is working […]
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Rossi v. IH Case — Judge Upholds, Dismisses Counter-Suit Counts

Wed, 18/01/2017 - 04:08
A new document has appeared in the ever-increasing docket of Rossi v. Darden et. al. in which Judge Cecelia Altonaga has ruled on some of the motions to dismiss that Andrea Rossi and his third party defendants had filed in the case. Document 120 at this link ( 9 provides the text of the ruling […]
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Documents in Rossi Case Reveal Correspondence Between Rossi and JM Products

Sat, 14/01/2017 - 06:58
New documents published in the Court docket of the Rossi v. IH case have shown some correspondence between Andrea Rossi and James A. Bass, who is associated with JM Products, the company formed by attorney Henry Johnson of Boca Raton which was formed to be a customer for the E-Cat plant Andrea Rossi ran in […]
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Controllable SunCell Operating at 3000C Demonstrated (Video)

Sat, 14/01/2017 - 01:13
The following post has been submitted by Optiongeek. The video is from the Brilliant Power Light website here: with this caption “Video excerpt of the SunCell® testing of the recyclable oxide source capable of operating controllably at greater than 3000 °C in a commercial design. The camera attenuation was up to a factor of 10,560 times […]
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Is This Photo a Leak?

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 22:43
Does anyone have any comments on this picture? Link is here:  It was posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today by “Dan Bad” with this comment: Dan Bad January 11, 2017 at 11:06 AM Giuseppe: Andrea said:Information will be given during and after the demo and you said: may be is the right time to […]
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Rossi v. Industrial Heat Case: Rossi’s Team Seeks Sanctions Against IH and Counsel for ‘Frivolous Claims’

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 13:52
There continue to be quite a number of documents filed in the Rossi v. Industrial Heat lawsuit, much of which is legal jousting with little in the way of evidence, but a new document published in the court docket (kindly made available here by Eric Walker) does bring out some items of evidence that have […]
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Bill Nye on Cold Fusion

Tue, 10/01/2017 - 12:59
Thanks to Veblin for posting a link to a short video published on January 10, 2017 by well-known science television host Bill Nye who answers a question about whether cold fusion is really possible. The video and a transcript can be seen at this link: His answer seems to confuse hot fusion and cold […]
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