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whaledreamers2 Whales = Guild Navigators in Dune.

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Wordpress Blog Writing

MySpace Music

SUR: Sanity Unlimited Recordings Net Label

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Artwork Prints

Flickr Photography

SourceForge Development

Exploration Commons. Space for the rest of us.

My Experience / Skills / CV

My Experience / Skills / CV

Science Research

Do Psych Drugs make biology Radioactive ? Solution: Fractal Field Physics, The Physics of Love and Golden Mean.:; As it is (inspired by

The Imploder: Creating live, well structured healthy water.

My research: Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun ... pure golden mean principles in synth sounds for music and consciousness repair.

Electrochemical activated water: anomal properties, mechanism of biological effect, Priluchkiy V.I., Bahir V.M. Also archived here.

Kundalini ‐ Psychosis or Transcendence ? (also archived here). Research and documentation for medical personnel and practitioners.

Occult Chemistry: Clairvoyant Observations on the Chemical Elements

Journal of Classical and Quantum Gravity (has open access to PDF's).


  • GDV - Gas Discharge Visualisation

Earthquake Prediction

WorldWideScience - Print Results - Full Record - earthquake prediction geomagnetic

A more recent search for earthquake prediction research related to the Sun (some entries are include because they are interesting or relevant background research).

Space Exploration

Also see space exploration links.

Access to Space Exploration Images and Data

Space Elevator Research and Testing

Building a Star Ship

Crew Earth Observations Videos. Wild time lapse videos from the ISS with aurora's. Who need mushrooms ? Just watch these.



Conference Notes for a Possible Presentation on Abuse Victims and The Field

Conference Notes for a Possible Presentation on Abuse Victims and The Field

Man the Lifeboats! The Storm of shifting from Materialist Reductionism to Holistic Sacred Science

The Right to Health and The Health Library

The Health Library, natural health, health fraud and deception, health research.

Richard Jefferies

Richard Jefferies, 1848 to 1887.

The problem with Some Human Rights Campaigners or Activists

/node/68">MindFreedom = Scientology ? Or just misguided ?

Setting up Linux with an Nvidia card to use second screen HDMI output for VJ'ing

[[Setting up Linux with an Nvidia card to use second screen HDMI output for VJ'ing


Star Trek Commentary

The Art of Video Games

Nintendo DS Homebrew Development

Setting up a Coop or SP Battlefield 2 or 2142 Game on a Multi Core Machine page.

ModDB page.

Steam profile page (with game screenshots !)

Blender Page

My ArmA Addons

ArmA for the Curious (Guide) by Bohemia Interactive Studios (includes guide to AI and introduction for new players)

Battlefield Series by EA/DICE (includes mod listing)

Forgotten Hope Battlefield 2 Modification Development

Investigating Possibly of Mapping in Medal of Honor Airborne

Interesting Sites / Research / Surfing / Relationships / Zeitgeist

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