Corrupt Psychiatry


Please note that I deliberately use the term corrupt psychiatry as I believe there to be a non-abusing and genuine form of psychiatry.

A Huge Intellectual Conceit

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" see the word heretic bandied around all the time in scientific journalism, and it's not just a joke ..."

Rupert Sheldrake, The Science Delusion, Rupert at Groningen University April 20th, 2012

Corrupt psychiatry is the modern version of the Spanish Inquisition with all their bizarre tortures and belief systems.

Sheldrake in his talk highlights why vivisection happens ... because animals are not thought to have souls. Only humans are thought to have souls or an intelligent thinking mind (any animal lover knows animals are just as conscious as we are). Yet Hawking described humans as "lumbering machines" completely contradicting that entire assumption ... part of a Double Bind (Bateson) ?

Those who exhibit trauma or distress ... often in extreme forms, especially after serious abuses like child abuse or wars, are thought, so it seems, to have "broken down" (hence the term "nervous breakdown") like a machine. More so, as the practitioners of this massive intellectual conceit "just know" what the truth is, their system cannot have caused any abuses because it has all been checked as perfectly correct and unquestionable. So any any "abuses" are easy to put down to delusions, because abuses that serious could never be practised by a system as wonderful and "good" as the one that these true believers promote and believe in.

"...the scientific revolution, particularly the machine theory of life was first conceived by René Descartes in a trance like state on November the 10th, 1619. He believed this vision was revealed to him by the angel of truth, so the mechanistic world view was originally channelled ..." [this is Sheldrake making a joke here, but not without reason]

Rupert Sheldrake, The Science Delusion, Rupert at Groningen University April 20th, 2012

The Terrible Shame of the Army of Forgotten Souls

The evidence and witness testimonies are widely known, documented and researched in every area. This is not a hidden world. It is known about by millions of people. It effects millions of people's life's.

So where are the names of the people who have lost their lives to corrupt psychiatry ? Where are the names of those casually murdered by corrupt treatments or maimed for life by "safe" toxins. The suicides, the suicide attempts. The destroyed personalities long forgotten, if even remembered by the previous owner.

Who will speak for these forgotten people ? Who dare whisper their names ? Where are they !? Why do we hear volumes of documentation about the abuses but very little about the actual NAMES and PEOPLE who have been abused ? Where are the plaques ? The monuments of honour to these fallen ? Where are the days of remembrance ? Where are the rock concerts for these dissidents ?

In a few words ... they simply aren’t there. For some reason we seem to be incapable of actually NAMING the people abused by corrupt psychiatry.

Absolute Proof Condemning Absolutely ... I say Corrupt Psychiatry as there are some Psychiatrists that remain honourable and there is a possibility that the profession can be rescued from that corruption.

Semple, David; Smyth, Roger; Burns, Jonathan (2005). Oxford handbook of psychiatry. Oxford: Oxford University Press. pp. 6. ISBN 0-19-852783-7.

Noll, Richard (2007). The encyclopedia of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Infobase Publishing. pp. 3. ISBN 0-8160-6405-9.

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