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NEWS ! - Dr Tracy spoke at the Axiom 2010 Truth Tellers Conference.

I am the UK Director for the ICFDA.

Ann Blake Tracy, PhD kindly invited me to be the UK Director of the ICFDA after being in contact with her for a number of years.

Why ? Why have I chosen to be the UK Director for a mostly American organisation ? Why was I in contact with this lady in the United States ?

In 1976 I was six. I was unwell as a baby and as I grew older I was wetting the bed. This is normal for many children as it can take a few years to learn bladder control in some people. However I was also a precocious child, and I was not afraid to show my emotions and to challenge behaviour that I regarded as unfair in my parents. Yes even at that age. This was conflagrated into me having an "emotional problem". A sane child development specialist would have told my parents not to worry and just let nature take it's course. But things being as they are I was put on a star system to try and stop me wetting the bed. A gold star for a day on the calendar when I didn't, another colour or no star when I did. A fairly good idea to most eye's I presume, but unfortunately this system had a very nasty sting in the tail. Very nasty indeed.

I failed the star system. I was immediately put on a course of Imipramine which is described as being for Enuresis (bed wetting) and an "emotional problem" on my medical records. I had immediate reaction to this horrible chemical. I started sleep walking and hallucinating. I was soon taken off it, but the damage had been done. These drugs damage the metabolism and the brain. I was left with debilitating conditions for the rest of my life that almost killed me a few times. A pretty big deal for a six year to start dealing with, and all because of a few simple problems that could have been easily solved.

Sadly this story is not unique to my life. It is repeated a millions times in many life's, and it does not just effect the victim. The consequences spread far and wide effecting family and friends.

So what is this situation ? Why would young people be treated in this shabby and horrific manner ?

Well now, it's here that we enter the shadow lands of history. To any outside observer we are dealing with a simple medical matter. This is not so.

1. Imipramine is a very weird drug meant for major depression. It's also an anaesthetic.

2. It comes directly out of the 100 year old chemical history of using chemicals in a destructive manner that departs from all the ancient ways of treating illness.

3. In fact this drug and drugs like them have little of nothing to do with treating illness. They come out of the history of ...

  A. Eugenics.

  B. Post war theft of German secrets by the allies in order to help their Cold War effort.

  C. The continuation of ecological damage against nature - including us.

  D. The silencing of dissent, even if that just comes in the form of unacceptable emotion; resistance, anger and fury.

The same is true in the most part for all the rest of the SSRI drugs (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibiter's). They raise Serotonin levels supposedly "fixing" a chemical imbalance. This is simply malpractice and at worst an outright lie. It has long been known and there are many studies and numerous research projects, papers and investigations that show that raised Serotonin levels create terrible health problems, extreme mental states and at the extreme, acts of violence. See Tracy's book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora that has all the evidence and references to prove this.

I could go on at length here but this site will expand to cover these areas in detail. For example not enough people know the extent of the Eugenics problem that is still with is today. You could start by reading the War Against the Weak by Edwin Black.

So, this was a lot for a simple six year old boy to deal with, yes ? I am lucky to be alive. I have uncovered evidence that many of the children - yes children - have gone on to kill themselves after being given this drug. If you understand the work of Ann Blake Tracy then this would not be a surprise to you. Many remain incredulous that we are even drugging children with these very weird drugs. Many more, like activists trying to inform the world of this, are very angry and deeply upset that their fellow humans appear to ignore the message and "don't care". I don't believe it to be the case that people don't care. One has to look at the historical context of all this to understand why this is so.

We have only really just escaped from the Cold War. Anyone who knows anything about that history will know how terrifyingly close we came on a number of occasions to destroying ourselves. It was only through the extraordinary actions of often completely normal people that prevented such a staggering folly. It is this simple truth that gives me hope actually. For it is the situation with the drugs that bears a remarkable resemblance to Cold War politics and war games. The chemistry of the SSRI psych drugs was crystallised in the first test tube manufacture of LSD in the 1938 but it was not until April 19th 1943 that it was actually ingested as part of an experiment to test it's effects. Four months earlier, on December 2, 1942, the first controlled chain reaction in the Manhattan Project had been achieved - a crucial part of the project. Enrico Fermi initiated the first artificial self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction in an experimental nuclear reactor named Chicago Pile-1.

These events were not coincidental. They came about as a result of the same reductionist Atomic science that created nuclear weapons. The same science was thrown against the enemy of, not the Ruskies, but the "madness or maladaptation or depression".

"The Manhattan Project had proven that. And if the human mind was capable of penetrating invisible matter and releasing the energy that powered the sun, then wasn’t it absurd to think that madness or maladaptation or depression could withstand a similar onslaught?"

(The Cinderella Science, Page 41, from Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream, Jay Stevens - Paladin 1989)

The same reductionist Science was thrown against, not the Ruskies this time ... but us. We have now become the enemy because we are seen to be "feeble minded" as the traditional Eugenicists used to say. And also, as with the obsession with finding the secrets of nature in Atomic Physics, a research project is hidden under the auspices of the health system; as it was hidden under the excuse of "Peace" when Nuclear weapons were manufactured. So, parents and loved one's beware. Awareness is the key word. Be aware. If you really want to help your loved one's then be careful who you listen to.

So we managed to survive and prevent the Cold War going hot. Why can't we prevent the new Cold War going into meltdown ? This is a real possibility with the large usage of these drugs. They are creating acts of violence like Columbine and many events that get covered up. They destroy families and relationships and ruin life's. Society can only take so much of that and the ICFDA is made up of people who refuse to stand around listening to excuses while their society is picked apart.

We can stop the effects of this New Cold War. We can't see these New Cold War Warriors that skulk in consulting rooms and Pharmaceutical companies because many of us do not understand the historical context of the situation. The world is free of a conflict against the Russians that threatened to destroy us all. But that fight carries on in a new form - hidden for the moment, that is potentially just as destructive. Only two Nuclear weapons were used in anger, but just as with the Nuclear testing that went on for decades we are using these Nuclear level drugs against people in a form of testing and as an outright war against the "problem" of emotional distress and trauma. There is only ever one solution to those ailments ... kindness, humanity and understanding. It's a large indicator of the mentality of the people who carry on using those drugs that they can't or won't understand such a simple truism.


How did we get in this mess ? The damaging of health by our "health systems" is not unique to the use of these particular drugs. It is endemic across all areas of health; heart disease, AIDS, Cancer and many other diseases. So where did we go wrong ? Simply put we broke the relationship between Doctor and patient. Health professionals no longer think about how to treat a patients health. I highly recommend reading Trillion Dollar Scam: Exploding Health Care Fraud by Saul William Seidman.

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