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Psych Drugs as Military Combat Enhancers: The "Mystery" of Raising Serotonin and Adrenal Levels Solved?

The military have been interested in various pharmaceuticals ever since the end of WW2. Pharmaceutical companies have taken advantage of lucrative defence contracts. Just look at the history of LSD with companies like Sandoz involved in seeking a "truth drug".

The Serotonin RAISING effects of Psych Drugs would make a lot of sense in the context of a commercial / military culture seeking lucrative defence contracts. The Psych Drugs also INCREASE the strength of the adrenal system in the body. Both these effects of RAISING serotonin and INCREASING adrenal activity are known to CAUSE violence; suicide, murder and other violent acts (see the book by Tracy for references). This would make a lot of sense if a company was pursuing a drug that would make a "super soldier" on the battlefield able to fight for long periods and not feel pain. Have military pharmaceuticals intended for the battlefield leaked into society or even been deliberately introduced to test their effects ? It is a possibly. One need only look at the history of LSD usage, or testing radiation on unknowing subjects to realise how this could be possible.

The Science of Dan Winter Applied to Profound Post Drug Usage Bodily Function Disruption

IN POST HEALTH RECOVERY after using treatments as recommend in Tracy's book some people may be left with debilitating "Tardive Dyskenesia" effects. This are painful spasms in muscle groups and brain areas.

Using the Science of Dan Winter (and other practitioners in his tradition) it is possible to see that these effects are disruptions in fractal harmony. It is known that the Psych Drugs cause aberrations in sleep patterns (which are themselves fractal) and this appears to be happening at many levels - such as between different brain areas that are usually put into harmony by the structures around the Pineal Gland (in the centre of the brain).

See Holarchy:Coherent AND Fractal-Bliss:Solution to Coherence Wars. Search for the phrase "Above we see that EMBEDDING or PERFECT NESTING" to get to the correct place in the page (or even better, read the entire page) and you will see this image ...

Koilon - Fractal Embedding

This is a graphical representation of the many different levels of fractal embeddedness that we exist in both in and outside the body. The treatments recommended by Ann Blake Tracy can repair and bring back much of this natural fractal extendedness but some will remain in a disrupted state as evidenced by the disrupted sleep cycles, thought patterns and desynchronised brain areas. This manifests in the form of the painful muscle spasms and cramps - muscle groups working against one another and out of synch.

The body can retaught to synchronise these fractal patterns. See GoldenMean.info.

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