My Experience


  • DJ'ing skills and deckology from 1994 to present. Creation of original mixing skills in studio and live performances. Production of mix set releases as well as mixed set of original music as a CD commercial release.
  • Live sound system team work and site organisation. 1994 to 1997.
  • Drum skills ... 1995 to present
  • Software skills, Ableton, sound editing, digital mixing, 1995 to present.


Video Games

  • Member of Battlegroup Frontlines Mod for Battlefield 2 doing music research. This mod has not been closed.
  • Development work for Battlegroup42 the Battlefield 1942 mod Battlegroup42.
  • Started OpenCombat site to encourage open source development of Battlefield 2 like community game. Compiled demonstration 3D environment from open source engine code. Project now closed.
  • Wrote software utlity using AutoHotKey (compiled to exe) that allows setting of BF2 bot AI numbers in multiple mods.
  • Set up an issue tracker on google code for the Forgotten Hope mod
  • Adapted AI smoke screen for Forgotten Hope SP, currently in beta.
  • Work for site on main site and forum. Production of main site banner images. General web site development and working with web site team.
  • Tutorial: Blender: Fixing a non-manifold mesh|published on ModDB.
  • Interview published on

More on the way (this page - WIP).


  • Wrote utlity to enable GUI use of MPlayer to record live internet media streams.
  • Wrote utility to set number of AI bots in Battlefield 2 mods.


  • Windows and Linux OS experience
  • Experience of cPanel and hosting environment

Space Exploration

  • Learnt Planetary Data System and various methods of discovering and processing images from space probes

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