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DSx86 PC DOS Emulator

Wow. I wonder if this can run Lynx and an external image viewer so I can view HTML documents with images on my DS ! Let's see ... after some testing ... presto !

This is DOS Lynx v0.41. It has to be a 286 capable version of Lynx. DS2x86 for the DSTWO Supercard should be able to run 386 Lynx but I was getting various errors ... like "386 required".

The next stage is to link an image viewer to Lynx so graphics and pictures can be viewed from webpages :)

Arachne. Quite difficult to setup compared to Lynx and Volkov. Key files in DOC directory ... SETUPHOW.HTM, DIR.HTM, VIEWER.HTM. Normal setup routine SETUP.BAT and CORE.EXE causes ds2x86 unhandled exception ... not unexpected as there is a lot of hardware probing going on. The way through seems to be set the video mode manually (CGA?).

I'm also looking into the possibility of booting into Linux using loadlin although this may not be possible due to dsx86 expecting 4DOS. A direct installation of ARM compatible (DS) Linux would be better but until someone develops that (especially something that uses the DSTWO memory and chip) the Linux in dsx86 emu would be OK.

Setting up an NDS development environment

" is the vendor of a number of cross compilers intended for use by hobby programmers writing their own games and applications for popular games consoles where it's possible to run unsigned code. The goal is to provide amateur programmers with the means to program for resource limited devices and so gain valuable experience which would transfer well to a career in game development.

Starting in 2003 with a cross compiler called devkitARM, used to write games for Nintendo's Gameboy Advance, devkitPro expanded to produce toolchains targeting GameCube, Wii , GP32, Nintendo DS, GP2X and PSP. "

For Linux use this script to install devkitPro. The kit provides everything necessary to code for the two ARM nds processors and address all the hardware. Build all the examples (in the examples directory).


Things are probably not going to make sense until we understand the NDS hardware ... NDS/Tutorials Day 2

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