Paul Feyerabend

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Farewell to Reason

Page 31. Feyerabend covers corrupt Psychiatry (different from authentic Psychiatry) as well as the care of the aged, schooling of children ... "the area of well being" as he puts he. Here he identifies how all that has been passed over to experts in industrial societies where they are matters of community or family action elsewhere. Here he is showing how a level of totally false evidence is used to justify these kind of interventions by government or "experts".

This is not an indictment of science; it only shows again that the choice of science over other forms of life is not a scientific choice.

Then he completely demolishes arguments that uphold the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. "Progress" is assumed without corresponding research to show that progress. In fact much research shows that millions have been damaged by "superior" medicine (example needed here).

Page 34. Shows absurdity of restricting investigation of alternatives ... in fact this is not how it works. He shows how one often cannot find out about the area you are investigating without first exploring an alternative. It's all oblique ... the discovery of the carbon molecule (ring?) comes to mind ... it came to the discoverer in a dream ... yet they are always saying "we follow hard nosed scientific method".

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