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Autopano-sift-c Windows Build

In 2006 I discovered this page ("Demo Software: SIFT Keypoint Detector"). I either used that demo of a later release of "Autostitch". It was a revelation to me that the demo application could quickly stitch together, not photo's, but screenshot's from video games ...

Borderlands2 Sawtooth Canyon Panorama

I also do traditional photo panorama's ...

Spring Panorama 2014 @ Derwent Water Lake District

(More here).

A panorama of a video game really shows off all the painstaking effort that goes into creating a video game environment.

However the early demo, originally from 2003, could only stitch together JPEG's. That's when I discovered Hugin. By the way, there is now a modern incarnation of Autostitch that can process non-lossy files.

Hugin now has it's own stitching algorithm which they claim performs better than the "SIFT" algorithm. I was curious and wanted to compare the two algorithms but could not find a working version of "autopano-sift-c" for Windows, or if it was a working version it was very old from around 2010. There were a few code commits to the open source version of autopano-sift-c going up to around 2011. The version in the Hugin code repository seems to be based on an open source version by Sebastian Nowozin.

I followed this build guide.

It must be built in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Using later versions leads to function call problems from the Pano13 library due to differences in "_hypot" function in "math.h".


Note: This non-commercial download is held on a server outside of the USA in Ireland (Amazon S3) as The University Of British Columbia hold the patent rights for the SIFT algorithm in the USA.

So here it is ! See the "notes" text file in the Hugin Sourceforge downloads for details of the archive that this build is built from.

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