• Learn the real story of our Paleolithic ancestors, a cosmopolitan story about intelligent and innovative people - a story unlike that which is promoted by mainstream science
  • Explore and regain confidence in your own ability to think for yourself as a broader range of evidence becomes available to you
  • Join a community not afraid to challenge the status quo. Question with confidence any paradigm promoted as "scientific" that depends upon withholding conflicting evidence from the public in order to appear unchallenged.
  • If you realize that human prehistory must have been far more complex than what you've been taught...
  • If you cannot reconcile an image of ancestors intelligent enough to create fire a million years ago, yet, for some reason, unable to speak or even to think as we do...
  • If you wonder whether or not to trust institutions that suppress empirical evidence while promoting an ideological agenda ... then you belong with us!

(The "Temporal Cold War" story arc in Enterprise, Star Trek fans ?).

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