Richard Jefferies

Richard Jefferies is a writer I'm just discovering. He writes in detail - see The Story of My Heart - of the life of the human Soul and mind in a way entirely familiar to anyone who has ever had the experience of being alive.

Richard Jefferies

"There is no separation-no past; eternity, the Now, is continuous. When all the stars have revolved they only produce Now again. The continuity of Now is for ever. So that it appears to me purely natural, and not super natural, that the soul whose temporary frame was interred in this mound should be existing as I sit on the sward. How infinitely deeper is thought than the million miles of the firmament! The wonder is here, not there; now, not to be, now always. Things that have been miscalled supernatural appear to me simple,more natural than nature, than earth, than sea,or sun. It is beyond telling more natural that I should have a soul than not, that there should be immortality; I think there is much more than immortality. It is matter which is the supernatural, and difficult of under-standing. Why this clod of earth I hold in my hand? Why this water which drops sparkling from my fingers dipped in the brook? Why are they at all? When? How? What for? Matter is beyond understanding, mysterious, impenetrable; I touch it easily, comprehend it, no. Soul, mind—the thought, the idea—is easily understood, it understands itself and is conscious.

The supernatural miscalled, the natural in truth, is the real. To me everything is supernatural. How strange that condition of mind which cannot accept anything but the earth, the sea, the tangible universe! Without the misnamed supernatural these to me seem incomplete, unfinished. Without soul all these are dead."

I have always expressed ideas such as these and I sadly I came to think of myself as unusual or special in some way. But thankfully this is not so. The tragedy for me was that the immediate experience of things became hidden to me, or worse - an embarrassment. This is one of the reasons for the unreal state that I found myself to be in Western society. Dialogue is made up of false debates and questions such as "could telepathy be real?", or "could nature have a mind?" that are removed from what I know to be true - self evident - from my direct experience. I am told not to see the Elephant in the room so, doubting my own life of the mind, I assume I am hallucinating and that no one else can see the Elephant but me. Essentially I suffered from a form of low self esteem that cannot assert it's own personal authority and aggressively fight for the recognition of knowledge that I know I have observed. Once won back and defended this personal authority is difficult to assault. I wonder if it is one of the major reasons that entire legions of experts, politicians and brain police are given in to at the mere drop of a pin ? I know that in my own life as soon as I was able to wrestle back my own personal authority of the life of my mind and personal observation then those "experts" no longer had any ruling over me.

This is where fellows like Richard Jefferies are so important to our oh so "modern" world. They remind us of universal truisms that have been, temporarily, forgotten. So many modern ills will disperse as cloud like phantoms as these things are remembered.

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