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I used to be a MindFreedom member from summer 2009 to summer 2010. This is where I blow the lid on Scientology and MindFreedom bad practices.

Scientology and MindFreedom claim to be anti-psychiatry. Actually MindFreedom claims it is pro-psychiatry that does not abuse.

Scientology is a known money making scam and club for the rich. It is a fake Religion set up by the con man known as Al Ron Hubbard. If you look into his history you will find that he was a sort of rich play boy. If you read Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream then you might be shaking your head because that book reveals Hubbard as having financed the first experiments on humans with LSD by Psychiatrists.

Now what did Scientology claim it was against ?

MindFreedom is not immune from this "dancing with the Devil" mentality either. Their Director David Oaks regularly makes speeches at the American Psychiatry Association meetings as if swanning up in front of the perpetrators and telling them the world knows what they are up to will somehow (by some mysterious process) make them change their ways. This is like showing the details of a complicated con to a crime syndicate. They will just fawn over the details and slap each other on the back.

Now remember Hubbard and LSD ? Well Oregon just happens to be the home state of non other than Ken Kesey who spent years dishing out the poison of LSD to all sorts of young people who didn't know they were being taken for a ride. Some of them never survived that ride. LSD is known to cause suicides and acts of violence ... why ? Because it's a Psycho-mimetic. It makes you psychotic (this is known Science by the way, I'm not making this up).

Yet Oaks boasts of his friendship with Ken Kesey ... yes KEN KESEY ... remember .. the guy handing out LSD trips to kids ? Yes, THAT Ken Kesey. Evidence ... browse to 09:20 in this video and listen Oaks boast about his relationship with Kesey.

It was on one of the MindFreedom lists that I was befriended by ... wait for it .. a Scientologist. Getting suspicious yet ? If you're not then maybe you should look up the word Gullible in the dictionary ... oh, woops, sorry I forgot, they changed the definition of that word so it won't make any sense to you. Any how I digress.

Yes, I made a friend. A Scientologist on the MindFreedom list. He immediately set to work on me suggesting I use Scientology to fix various psychological problems. I even ordered one of Hubbard books. I'm glad I did .. a few pages into the book it was apparent that we were not in Kansas any more. Hubbard was either really the fruitcake he is made out to be, or just doing his usual clever con man act. Any way, after my friend had boasted about his association with Hubbard - he knew a lot about his "Ocean Corps" or whatever they are called. Apparently he was on these voyages in the Med. He started boasting about all the millions of dollars that pass through Scientology that they use to fend off legal attacks on them. With respect to my friend I won't name him here. I have many of his voluminous emails printed out. It's a shame, if it weren't for the Scientology / MindFreedom looniness then I get the feeling that we could have really got on.

I complained to the MindFreedom board.

"Oh, we don't control who joins the MindFreedom lists".

He tried to recruit me I said. What you do off list is your own private business they said.

Thanks guys ... not.

MindFreedom do not have any kind of security policy. They deal with the names of people every day who are in danger of having their human rights breached but they have no security policy. Can I say that again ? Anyone could come on to their lists or intercept emails and get the names and other private information about vulnerable individuals. People have no doubt already been abused because of these lax procedures.

I was personally attacked on the MindFreedom list. I complained twice through the correct channels (one of the few procedures for list complaints that they do have). I never received a response.

I was bullied by their Director David Oaks a couple of times over the phone. I was looking for emotional and practical support in facing some complicated social situations in my local vicinity that were blocking campaigning, but he just blamed it all on me accusing me of being unable to find members. I felt let down. Later on I would realise the shabby nature of his accusations. What I thought was aggressive encouragement was just ... bullying.

I posted an idea for a class action law suit to the MindFreedom list. There are millions of people out there who have had their health damaged by various faulty pharmaceuticals.

"It's too early", I was told.

"We don't have enough support yet", they said.

Then I find this ...

"Nigeria: Trovan Case - New Victims Sue Pfizer for U.S.$384 Billion
Abuja — Victims of the 1996 Pfizer meningitis trovan vaccine test which caused over 200 deaths and several others permanent disability have again sued the drugs manufacturing giant for a whopping sum of $384 billion. The victims, numbering 192, who have just surfaced, are claiming the colossal sum as damages from Pfizer Incorporated and Pfizer Specialities for the injuries they were made to suffer by the negative effect of the untested vaccines administered on them."

( Source - Rath Foundation Newsletter )

So are you getting a picture yet ? I am.




Addenum: What I experienced actually has a name; Mobbing. The Wikipedia article ...

"...mobbing is typically found in work environments that have poorly organized production and/or working methods and incapable or inattentive management..."

I think it is highly likely that MindFreedom is a Scientology front, which is of course something that they deny. If not then they are closely related to them or at least they are funding MindFreedom in some way.

So why ?

Why set up what appears to be a positive and benevolent organisation for a worthy cause; helping those with psychological and emotional problems who have had their human rights ignored ?


Read Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream. Study the work of the ICFDA. I suspect Oaks has had his LSD trips (Kesey made sure everyone who ever met him had it). He shows all the symptoms. LSD just causes an endless nightmare for anyone who has had it or anyone in contact with those people. I used to live with an LSD addict. Thankfully he never took me on his trips because "I wasn't ready". He did carry out and act of violence against me. A pretty strange act for an "enlightened" LSD user. It's not strange at all if you know that LSD is a Psycho-mimetic. I did take a small dose myself in the mid 90's as part of some idiotic experimentation. It made me feel like I'd gone crazy - the much parroted "bad trip". Let us get this straight. LSD will ALWAYS produce a "bad trip" because it's a Psycho-mimetic (look it up, OK?). Even the "good" trips are bad. A psychotic carrying out acts of violence will feel good about it, but we don't try and sell their experience to kids, so don't do it with LSD, OK ? People who push LSD are chemical child abusers. They are sick drug pushers and sadly they have got into positions of power. This is the dark side of the 60's but thankfully it seems to be coming to light at the moment.

By the way, I never took LSD again. Some people just keep on taking it, despite all those "bad trips".

So there you go. You can take this as a cautionary take. Before launching into pursuing the help of your fellow man - especially in the field of human rights - know your history ! I knew some of it but I still almost walked into something that finished me off. I would never want to put anyone off campaigning for human rights, but you have know everything about the VERY weird things that happened in the twentieth century that we are still living with today. Projects that were started as part of the Cold War that damaged our society and many, many people. The "Cold" label on that war is erroneous. War always destroys and rapes everything it touches on both sides. The "Cold" war was hot through it's use of chemical warfare - LSD. While the world was worrying about Nuclear Weapons governments were using Chemical Weapons - against us !

The situation will not change until an organisation or disorganisation - us - society, can be honest about what happened in the twentieth century. Maybe then we can all breathe a sigh of relief and move on.

Live long and prosper.

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