The Problem with Some Human Rights Campaigners or Activists

All non-intelligent approaches to campaigning against abuses are doomed to failure.

A case in point. Those who are horrified by the way people are treated in "Psychiatric Wards" fail to see that the outside is an asylum as well. The abuses are endemic and so much a way of life that many people accept them as some kind of an Act of God or just part of life. The "health" systems of especially industrialised, Western countries are riddled with corruption and bad practices that kill millions every year ( Trillion Dollar Scam: Exploding Health Care Fraud By Saul William Seidman ). So next time you decry the treatment of some poor Psych ward patient then remember - everyone else is being treated this way as well ! The traumatised and angry patient (read: product) of the scam medical system can count themselves lucky - at least they know they have been abused and can do something about it ! Millions are completely unaware of the hideous abuses measured out to their family and loved ones, putting them down to "chance".

The answer ? Escape from The Asylum - not the spooky building on the hill in your town, but from pathological society. Maybe if enough get out then the others will follow too.

The Human Rights organisations, and to a lesser extent the Charities, are an institutional nightmare. Their work is heavily criticised in the book Mexico Unconquered and other works from the world below (read: outside of The Asylum). They are terrified of appearing political or allowing their members to properly criticise approach. "Correctness" paralysis. I have come to the conclusion that a personal approach is much more powerful. Any dis-organised activity (the dis-organisation) comes about spontaneously as a result of the mysterious process of human discourse and frisson. Endless leaflets and protests (walking around in circles with signs) is doomed to failure. As is trying to stimulate Grass-roots activity or spontaneous action - because both always come about naturally at the right time and place. Any Astroturfing organisation will try and proclaim its "grassroots" credentials and make it seem like everyone is spontaneously organising. This cannot be - because like Hakim Beys' Temporary Autonomous Zone the phenomena has to come about naturally and it does not always stay in the same place - in this case under the name of whatever faux protest organisation we are talking about.

We don't want "organisation". We want the messy teenagers bedroom emergence of "messy" nature. We want adaptability. Corrupt power hates adaptability. They can't stand it when pure adaptability smoothly shifts from one unpredictable place to another. Their corrupt University professors can't keep up !

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