UK/USA …. Houston you have a problem. Your polite society is beset by this real thing. This widespread problem with so called “mind control” (simply traumatisation that can be healed using Somatic Experiencing or whatever effective treatment) used by criminals, gangs, organised crime, cults and human traffickers. I think anyone who is willing to do an honest search of court cases and criminology will admit that the problem is real (for example see here), yet with the involvement of the media and especially the psychiatric profession all this has been converted into so much “crazy stuff” that comes out of the mouths of former victims. I’ll tell you what’s crazy. It’s crazy that so many politicians are manipulated in this way. It’s crazy that the life’s of hard working, honest people are blighted by this form of manipulation, dishonesty and outright evil. But as they say, “the devil always overplays his hand”. The last few months have been so WEIRD. Contradictory “virus” measures. Bizarre political groups fanning the flames of hatred and fear. I pray to the Lord himself that millions are woken up to the voices of people such as Cathy O’Brien, or that they study the history of Candy Jones, or read honest books such as The C.I.A. Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists which has a chapter on Candy Jones (and there are many more works out there).

This evil is real. It must fought against and destroyed. To settle back into a life of comfort and convenient ignorance only risks losing all those comforts.

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