First of all I need to say that anyone looking at my site may come to the conclusion that “Michael has a mental health problem“. This is understandable. However I do not define myself in this way. I was originally simply suffering from distress and trauma. This has been responding well to various types of support like Somatic Experiencing as well as Chiropractor. However these problems could have been sorted out years ago without the damaging interventions of British “psychiatry” (actually more of a prison system). Hence my campaigning and articles critical of this here on my site. Now back to our normal programming …

  • My UCAS applications page with material (music, projects) that originally got me on the course.
  • One of my subdomains with 240 GB of various DJ mixes (mostly Progressive House)  that were originally held on another site. I wanted to add a search interface as the original site lacked one and it was impossible to find anything.


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