I must admit Basaglia hit me in a big way. He clearly inspired and implemented huge successes and has genuine compassion for those damaged by psychiatry. But he is very Left wing if not outright communist. One only has to look into his background. It is also no coincidence that he is called a Revolutionary. The idea that it’s Capitalism’s fault that abusive psychiatry exists is such a darling of the Left. Intellectuals promote this view and every forum full of victims of psychiatry advocates the point. Yet victims raging against psychiatry; they are really splinter groups of the same thing, as was seen in the Spanish Civil War. Rival communist factions. This was clarified for me by going back to reading The Naked Communist by Skousen.

So even though I would not like to discount Basaglia I think his mode of helping victims of psychiatry only went so far because of his communist (Marxist) leanings. Italy and South America already have a history of the pursuit of Communism, whereas Great Britain and the USA have always been very suspicious of it. This is why Basaglia’s work has never really been taken on in these countries.

Therefore a true, much more right wing analysis of the true nature of abusive psychiatry actually takes on the form of an anti-communism. Reading Skousen’s work (The Naked Communist) I’m struck by how, in fact, the behaviour of coercive psychiatry is actually much closer to the communist revolution – through violence – but played out in a microcosm in the individual.


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