Born into this crazy planet sometime in the 1970’s here in the UK. Subjected to types of organised crime as a child. Sadly this is not uncommon at all, fight back ! Had very good teachers at secondary school, almost surrogate parents, so all due respect to them. Discovered the underground music movement in the early 90’s when I got involved in the rave/free party scene. Found a resistance movement against the machine, but also fun disco’s, “But its just a fucking disco” Andrew Weatherall 😆. Healing power of music and becoming a DJ and musician took me … straight in the jaws of Hell ! 😱 … In the UK and USA we still have this antiquated approach to trauma and distress which I was subjected to off and on between 2003 and 2006. So what could have been sorted out in a few months in 2003 took 18 years to sort out (long story) because of a Technocratic approach to health. It’s been known since at least the 1970’s that acute distress and trauma *can* be cured. This via Loren Mosher, R D Laing, Franco Basaglia and many others who set up community houses where people in distress are accepted and allowed to go through the healing process, no drugs or ECT. This needs putting in, in this country here in the UK, completely replacing the current psychiatric system. And it MUST be done. Millions have been destroyed and damaged, a great unspoken holocaust. It’s not gonna be easy but not impossible because other countries have already done this such as Italy, Brazil and many other countries. So that’s my human rights campaigning which now takes the form of doing a BA Hons in Creative Music Technology at Falmouth University, ie. for effective campaigning I need an income, a house a car, maybe even a wife ! I already have product ideas and am feeling a lot more part of our radically shifting for the better world. I think the greatest sign of this is Elon Musk (et al), Tesla and especially SpaceX. I mean we’re talking about an actual base, a community of millions on another world, Mars. I get to see this happen in my life time. Will they need a DJ and musician ? 🤩