This is what’s destroying our planet not “crazies” in mental wards !

For the full video see “Milloy discusses the mental illness of climate activists with Kara McKinney on OANN“. These TRULY crazy people have been let loose in our governments and institutions. They want to shut everything down. The economy, our future, EVERYTHING. They are truly insane and have resorted for asking for people to be […]

Solution to ECT (electroshock) damage: The Unified Field

ECT (so called Electro Convulsive Therapy, and yes it is still used) is inherently flawed as a form of weapon against the individual because consciousness is inherently NOT a product of the brain. Therefore the phrase that various well meaning campaigners parrot that ECT causes “permanent brain damage” is incorrect and grossly disempowering. Don’t get […]

The strangest thing that ever happened …

“This particular denial (of the existence of consciousness) is the strangest thing that has ever happened in the whole history of human thought.“ Peter Fenwick, M.D. The Galileo Report. Electroshock, so called “Electro Convulsive Therapy”, killer psychiatric drugs and onwards into the peculiar and strange world of reductionist medicine. Cancer obsessions. Medicines and treatments that […]

Distress (so called “Mental Illness”) compared to Coral bleaching

  Your “weird behaviour” (distress, trauma) is “Generally, it stops them dying“, an equivalent of coral bleaching that, even though it looks worrying, is actually a survival strategy. So more so, “rising levels of mental illness” (in NWO Eco terms) are actually an equivalent to coral bleaching that shows, not imminent destruction, but SURVIVAL STRATEGIES […]

The use of Cruise Control in Traktor Pro 3 for research (with auto sync)

Appropriate technology. That is the term. Ever since the introduction of automation in DJ’ing we’ve been told that auto sync would “free the DJ to do other creative tasks”. There’s a couple of problems with this … The manual beat matching and pitch matching *is* the creativity. I’m just not hearing DJ’s doing anything else […]

Word to the Wise: Do NOT use Samaritans UK for emotional support

I know this because after much frustration I started phoning the Samaritans in the USA. At first I thought the appalling support from Samaritans UK (with some notable exceptions) was “just my fault” until I discovered the USA Samaritans. I used a cheap international dialling number and 99% of the time the USA Samaritans have […]


There was a button that once pressed could bring economic prosperity, world peace, protect children and solve crime. But the existence of this button was denied. People skirted around it and were scared of it. But one day a man came along, Donald J Trump, and he said “I want to press that button, I’m […]