Terrence Howard Saves The Universe (with the help of Joe Rogan !)

He’s right. Science took a wrong turn over a hundred years ago when the results of the Michelson–Morley aether experiments were ignored. Everything descended into abstractions to the point where we now have bad cosmology and medicine that doesnt work. We also have a faulty view of reality and many other problems. I have previously […]

Fight for Freedom

From: Sebastian Lukomski, CitizenGOSubject: Can’t Believe What Just Happened at this Brussels conference!Date: 28 April 2024 at 07:33To: michael Dear Michael Z Freeman, I need to share with you, what just happened. You won’t believe the chaos I just experienced here in Brussels. The National Conservatism Conference (NatCon) is a yearly gathering of public figures, […]

If you want people prosecuted for hate crimes then arrest abusers who force people into violent psych wards !

Any true hate crime then fine, arrest all you want. But the rest of it is politicised nonsense. If you want people prosecuted for hate crimes then arrest abusers who force people into violent psych wards ! I’ve seen the inside of them. They are full of violent bullies. If you weren’t f’ed to begin […]

“Normal anxieties of life” are being labelled as an illness, the Work and Pensions Secretary has warned.

Mental health culture has gone too far, says Mel Stride Work and Pensions Secretary unveils plan to get 150,000 people back into a job as benefits bill rises. I agree ! Mel Stride echoes the problems with the medicalisation of distress. If Stride really wants to solve this problem he needs to look at the behaviour […]

Police should not be involved in mental health incidents, Australian report says

  This is kind of obvious if you think about it. The last thing someone going through a crisis needs to see is policemen coming up their driveway or knocking on their door. Or even battering down their door. This is where people’s thinking tends to become very muddy. If someone has committed a crime […]

The Future Reich: Taking Off Your Armour To Get Back To The Good

Please see the PDF’s below (source). I extracted the editorial into another PDF as its a good summary. Primer: Why this happened no longer matters. But for whatever reason large tracts of humanity ended up suffering from what is basically a huge sexual neurosis. Reich identified this years ago. Bioelectric energy becomes dammed up in […]