Scientology is a known cult. CCHR (the Citizens Commission on Human Rights) is also Scientology. Scientology gets all the best information about Psychiatry. They portray Psychiatry as their rival. Like any cult they are simply preying on vulnerable victims of Psychiatry as part of their recruitment process. I know ! They once tried to recruit me ! I REFUSED.

Since 2006 I have seen the same pattern over and over. Anti-psychiatry activists start making headway exposing the crimes of Psychiatry and convincing the public that Psychiatry is a fraudulent profession. Then “it” happens. The usual phrase is wheeled out … “You must be a Scientologist”. This makes any Anti-psychiatric statements look like a cult belief. Therefore if you are a Scientologist and/or a member of CCHR you are not welcome here !

(If you don’t know that Scientology is a criminal organisation then there is plenty of research out there).