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Heavens above ! Could a paradigm shift and Electric Universe have anything to do with solving social problems ?

Electric Universe Cosmology Science

Drive for the Future by Laserbot.

Breakthru Technologies - Technology is changing are you ?

Paul Feyerabend

Paul Feyerabend - Something is wrong with holy "Science" and Western "Truth".


Released Work

Qanat MPlayer stream downloader - linked from the MPlayer site and released on Softpedia.
Battlegroup42 Map Browser - a map browser for the Battlefield 1942 modification.

Work in Progress

Consciousness Repairing Golden Mean Physics: Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun

XWindows Desktop Background Artwork Arranger and Blender

Fondo de Vista v0.5 BETA - A utility to help the user set background images for folders in Windows. Written using Autohotkey.

Mixxx Object Orientated User Interface Prototype

VJ'ing, Visuals, Video Mixing

Compiling the Linux Kernel

Forgotten Hope Battlefield 2 Modification Development


Space Exploration Health Library Science Video games & development Links


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