Fix for Purple Trees Problem in Far Cry 4

UPDATE: This does not work ! After further testing the purple returned. However I’m onto something here so decided to leave the post. I am also putting in support requests to both AMD and Ubisoft as this should really have been fixed. Took me a long time to work this one through ! Glad I […]

A Good Summary of the Psychiatry/Pharma ‘Monster from the Id’ that Stalks the Planet

Image source: The video game Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. This is clearly from a Leftist perspective but the author makes a very good job of summarising the entire problem. My problem with a radical/revolutionary approach to the problem is that it is so often aligned with what I call “Operation Destroy Capitalism“. Major problems such […]

Answers for Perplexed Anti-psychiatry Activists, Part 2: The Collective Shadow and it’s Role in Locking up “Mental Patients”

Another piece from my notes that could be extended on later. But the core of it is there. This is where all the fear comes from; many individuals who are told they are “mentally ill” are a “carrier” of the DREAD IDEAS that this society has become so afraid of. Freud, Jung, Alchemy, Symbols ! Society’s […]

Answers for perplexed Anti-psychiatry activists, Part 1: What is corrupt Psychiatry’s REAL role for society ?

Image source: Jungian and Depth Psychology quotes and images. This piece is almost directly from my personal notes. I thought it important to get this out there as soon as possible. I may expand on this later. “In this case, Janet showed his truly “modern” understanding that the “true illness” is an intra-psychic conflict (unconscious […]

On corrupted Psychiatry as another example of incarnate evil in the world

[Image above: Fictionalised version of suppressed truths being revealed in Star Trek Enterprise “The Forge” (3 episodes)]. Psychiatry destroys and corrupts … “It would not be appropriate to attribute the archaic violent energies of this figure to the “shadow” – at least not in the way Jung intended the shadow to represent the coherent ego’s […]

Psychiatry and Psychiatrists as “broken out into the real world” Protector/Persecutor Complex

Donald Kalsched writes about this so well. For an introduction see “Unlocking the Secrets of the Wounded Psyche: The miraculous survival system that is also a prison. Jungian analyst Donald Kalsched is interviewed by Daniela Sieff“. [dg ids=”5954”] This seems so obvious to me now. Serious, unmanageable childhood trauma at a very young age (before […]