Trump explicitly calls out Pharma’s “business with disease”

The video above was originally published on Trumps “Agenda 47” for his election campaign to become the 47th president of the United States. Transcript … (my emphasis) … TRUMP: In recent decades, there has been an unexplained and alarming growth in the prevalence of chronic illnesses and health problems, especially in children. We’ve seen a stunning […]

Let’s Ruin Pharma !: Nutrition Cures All

(Original article here). This is the scandal of our times. Pharma was allowed to brainwash everyone into thinking that not eating the right stuff led to zero consequences. Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to brain dysfunction. The highest source of B12 is red meat. Mother Earth provides all while Pharma is a puke inducing scam of […]

An organised Transcendental Meditation group could blow open the field of abusive psychiatry in the UK to real approaches towards the distressed

This video just shows how utterly hopeless abusive psychiatry is in the UK. This is the “drug and ECT” mode of psychiatry. Under the auspices of the “Mental Health Act”. After watching this video those words (“mental health”) take on their truly meaningless, gigantic proportions. In fact the approach is so spectacularly removed from any […]

The Rap of Abusive Psychiatry

“Pertaining to the nature of free will it is common for many materialistic scientists and philosophers to argue that Free Will is a kind of Illusion that your behaviours are all determined by events which are not you and therefore that you never truly choose to do anything” Morphic Resonance; The Theory of Formative Causation, […]

A worldwide “conspiracy” run by elderley idiots

Really important video of Tucker Carlson here. It was the historian Antony C Sutton who said a similar thing. He said that the corrupt characters he studied were “children who never grew up”. The destructive personnel in badly run parts of the psychiatric system are also of similar ilk. When I observed their abusive behaviour […]

Attack of the Anti (abusive) Psychiatry Memes

Could not have said it better myself. This quote applies directly to the abusive mode of psychiatry in the UK and USA. They literally get away with blue murder. Deaths are attributed to “mental illness” when toxic sludge drugs and ECT just make people worse and worse and worse. Robert Whittaker has all the graphs […]

Fight for Freedom

From: Sebastian Lukomski, CitizenGOSubject: Can’t Believe What Just Happened at this Brussels conference!Date: 28 April 2024 at 07:33To: michael Dear Michael Z Freeman, I need to share with you, what just happened. You won’t believe the chaos I just experienced here in Brussels. The National Conservatism Conference (NatCon) is a yearly gathering of public figures, […]

Capitalism is Good, Socialism is Bad

The comments by Javier are well taken. A certain quarter has warped reality almost to breaking point. It’s as if the Cold War and fall of communism never happened. The world was literally bought to the edge of total destruction from the end of the Second World War up to the late 1980’s. This peaked […]