The banned video that exposes Google as liars

Download. The Project Veritas original new release page. I would not normally post this kind of thing on my site but this affects everything. Google and other tech giants need to be pulled up sharply on this. This effects the necessity of getting information out about damaging psych drugs and a million other issues that […]

Two moments of genius

binra May 31, 2017 at 4:18 pmI feel it goes way deeper than guild interest though of course an institutional sense of self-belief in role that attracts status, privilege and power is a heavy bias – but can those at the top be unaware of the nature of their choices? I think not – but […]

Major incoming article

Heads up. Major incoming article. My brethren, our prayers have been answered. In order to create an effective solution that will one day sweep away these killers in the psychiatric/pharma system, one has to fully understand what the problem is. Apart from some of my research starting to open the way, this has been missing […]

Escaping the Psychiatric Matrix. Nature’s Lessons in Healing Trauma: An Introduction to Somatic Experiencing

Orthodox Psychiatry has such a pitiful understanding of trauma that’s its still a wonder to me that they are even still around. Incompetence and just plain evil of that magnitude can only be kept around when it serves some rather nasty vested interests. The true natural process of responding to trauma has been understood and […]