Rebranding The Indefensible & The 40’s Brock Chisholm Rap in 2018

“(c) Celebrate the achievements of psychiatry. Know of three psychiatrists whose work you admire and who have been influential and a force for good on a global scale.” [My emphasis] Source: Shrink rethink: rebranding psychiatry, British Journal of Psychiatry, November 2017 ( via Rebranding Psychiatry). Back in the late 1940’s, Brock Chisholm, first head of […]

Nothing Happening Here. No Problem with Psychiatric Profession. Move Along Please.

According to many people in society there is nothing worth examining about the Psychiatric profession. Its almost as if, as the evidence mounts the bigger the denials become (evidence examples: Example 1, Example 2 ). Commonly stated excuses include … “Many people are helped by the Psychiatric and Mental Health professions.” … and … “My […]

Psychiatry Compared to Corruption in the FBI, Psychiatry as a Despotic Domestic Security Service

Source: Dr. Gorka Compares #Obamagate to Banana Republic Despotism. Communism has been trying to take over the world for decades. It’s not something that’s “like something from a James Bond film“, that’s what the James Bond film’s were about ! After the fall of the Soviet Union the Communists, in all their Progressive, Liberal and Socialist […]

Maybe the Total Destruction of Psychiatry is Happening Quicker Than I Thought !

“A third of medical students may be put off psychiatry as a career choice by stigmatisation” Source: Anti BASH webpage, Royal College of Psychiatrists. The web page continues … “There is clear evidence of ‘psychiatry-bashing’ throughout medical schools by many groups of students and teachers. Students starting medical school with an interest in mental health considering […]

The Left and the Anti-psychiatry movement

This is my point in my previous blog post. The entire movement to abolish Psychiatry is filled with figures from the Left; Bruce Levine – Anti-Trump posts, here, here, and here, and many more. R D Laing. Foucault, an incredibly messed up Sado-masochistic homosexual. Erich Fromm. The Wikipedia page on Anti-psychiatry has this quote … […]