Eli Lilly Paid Mass Shooting Victims Hush Money in Prozac Lawsuit


John Rapport reported on this: “Prozac mass murders: the truth comes to light“.

Two of the victims recently told the Courier Journal that the payment totaled $20 million, worth about $41 million in today’s dollars, which the plaintiffs divided among themselves after paying their attorneys. The two victims told the Courier Journal they felt compelled to accept the money because they suffered egregious injuries that kept them from working again and they needed it to survive.” [My emphasis]

Prozac maker paid millions to secure favorable verdict in mass shooting lawsuit, victims say
The original piece as it was published in the United States.

The original story published in the States is difficult to see from Europe. Readers browsing in Europe see a web page that is missing the media in the original story such as this video …

A look back on the 1989 Standard Gravure shooting.

So I took the liberty of archiving this story (it is not behind a pay wall) so that people in Europe can see the full piece (extract the Zip archive and then load “index.html” in your browser).

So its been confirmed. 30 years ago a case that, without interference, would have proved that Prozac (as well as other psychiatric pharmaceuticals) can be a trigger for serious violence, was ruined by … wait for it … yes. The criminals who produce these drugs that are currently damaging our society.

Forget “mental health” and think “mafia”. 

If this case had not been interfered with then these drugs would have been taken off the market.

Instead we’ve had 30 years of mayhem. Multiple mass shootings in the states. Untold horrors elsewhere that don’t get publicised as much because they don’t involve guns.

This is a war and we need to win it. 

We need to be victorious against these turds in the pharmaceutical companies, psychiatry, and the wider medical profession.

We need to bring back sanity.

We need to protect our people, families, loved one’s and children from chemical warfare.

Fight back !

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