(Update 2021: The following discoveries are very apt in light of current events. Mike McClaughry’s article “The Reckoning for Earth – – Chapter Ten – – Down the Mental Health Rabbit Hole” is also very relevant in light of current events and the relationship to “slavemasters” (ie. Sociopaths) with their agenda of obedient mask wearing and “taking the knee” amongst other bizarre methods. The “slavemasters” have thrown themselves out into the open in a desperate attempt to suppress the ever more obvious truth. However they are just making it worse for themselves as anyone with an iota of common sense is wondering what on earth is going on).

(New parts coming soon ! See Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4).

(New ! All singing, all dancing, Stage 5 ! Current references prove ongoing agenda ! Stage 6, further discoveries about Brock Chisholm).

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“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

Source: Thomas Paine, The Crisis No. I (written 19 December 1776, published 23 December 1776).

Stage 1

Before I begin I should cover some background reading. the following information contains encoded political language. I am indebted to the wonderful Charlotte Iserbyt who opened my eye’s to the true meaning of the language contained in these documents. Her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America contains analysis of decades of school reform based on the same bizarre political agenda that Psychiatry follows. You can get a free copy here, but it’s not the latest copy as sold on Amazon.

So, after “the breakthrough” (see below) I was planning to write a book, but health problems got in the way. So without further ado I will endeavour to show that there is very real evidence that world Psychiatry has a “hidden” political agenda that explains WHY such damaging drugs and procedures like “electroshock” are used.

The breakthrough occurred when I found “insider” documents that I was sure must be there in the annals of psychiatry. These documents explain what psychiatrists are really up to. I had been searching for these documents since at least 2006. None of the official explanations made sense and the public’s assumption that psychiatry just “does not know any better” did not cut it with me either.

Then I found “the Lodestone itself”, as I started terming it … drum roll please …. Brock Chisholm !

Chisholm was the first Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“Brock Chisholm. He was a Canadian psychiatrist, who was renowned for his pioneering ideas about preventive medicine and children’s education, and was also known for his controversial endorsement of birth control, sterilization, eugenics and euthanasia in the 1930s.”

Source: World citizenship and the emergence of the social psychiatry project of the World Health Organization, 1948–c.1965, History of Psychiatry, Volume: 26 issue: 2, page(s): 166-181 

He was indeed the first head of the World Health Organisation. He inspired the creation of World Federation of Mental Health, and was, significantly, Honorary President of the World Federalists of Canada.

The first document I uncovered is the following one.
Source: The Reëstablishment of Peacetime Society, G. B. Chisholm, Psychiatry Vol. 9, Iss. 1, 1946.

This document was reprinted as an “offprint” in the following article published in a publication by the William Alanson White Psychiatric Foundation in 1946; The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress, The William Alanson White Memorial Lectures.

It makes for an extraordinary read and turned into a sort of magnet, or Lodestone, for the rest of the agenda that I’ve been researching. But this document does not exist in isolation. There are other related documents produced in the same time period and later on.

Here is a canonical page for the source of this document.

There are many more of these kind of documents. I’m tracking a paper trail right up to the present day. Brock Chisholm is referenced in a book published as late as 2009;

Source: World Constitutionalism, Principal V. M. Salgaocar College of Law & Dean of Faculty of Law, Goa University, Dr. Anthony D’Souza, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 26 Mar 2009 – Political Science.

“Intellectual quest for World Order is as old as the history of mankind. Saints and sages, religious visionaries and philosophers from all great civilizations have left their valuable contributions on the peaceful sands of time. However much of this wealth has been obliterated by other events of history wherein power, might and grandeur were used as the instruments of exploitation by a section of human beings . Time has come to research on the past, and on its basis to analyze the present and visualize a future for a just world order.

In World Constitutionalism, over two dozen scholars, academicians, administrators, and leaders of civil society have come together to pen their innovative ideas. It is an attempt to carry their vision over national barriers through the realms of Human Rights, Environmental Law, Feminist Justice, Global Democracy and so on . In the fast evolving twenty first century , World Constitutionalism is already exploding on the global scene in all fields of life , as human race finds enlightenment through information and networking revolution, technology development, and conscious spiritual awakening taking place from East to West. World Constitutionalism endeavours to foster scientific study of world governance as a multi disciplinary subject with an added flavour of law to give it special sanctity in the minds of the Peoples of the World. The book is an addition to the growing movement for World Unity that presently reechoes round the globe.”


Here’s another work published in 1965 that contains many more references.

Suffice to say there is a long history here with many, many references. Too much to put in a single blog post. A carefully researched book would be ideal, although some of the work has already been done for us. For example Charlotte Iserbyt’s brilliant book that I mentioned above has a piece covering Brock Chisholm;

So. What is going on here ? I’ll tell you. Psychiatry has been “weaponised” by the political Left. But this is not the Left of old Labour but a long term problem this world has had with Communism, Socialism and Marxism. It’s also been called Globalism. Progressivism. The Liberal Agenda. The Brexit vote here in Britain was fuelled by dislike of the European collectivist agenda. President Trump in the United States was elected on the same ticket. People love their countries and were watching them being dismantled bit by bit right in front of them. Psychiatry has also been part of this agenda. A nation state is made up of individuals. Just as “World Federalism” (Globalism) disrespects the nation state, Psychiatry disrespects the sovereignty of the individual.

Read the documents above. The language is bizaare ! Normal people don’t speak like this. What business does Psychiatry have in meddling in Politics ? What would people think if their GP’s (the name of NHS Doctors in Britain) started spouting political dialectics ? But this is what Psychiatry is doing. Far from helping those suffering from the terrible effects of abuse, bereavement or whatever other problems that life throws at them, Psychiatry sees it all as an ailment of “the reason wars are created” and uses the personal crisis of their victims to attempt to change their political allegiances towards Psychiatry’s ideas about “World Government” and other bizarre Globalist agenda’s. I’m not the first to notice this peculiar agenda that Psychiatry has. When first reading Chisholm’s classic quote …

“If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility.” [my emphasis]

Source: The Reestablishment of Peacetime Society (see above).

I commented on this Chisholm quote in my notes …


Of course Beyond Good and Evil is a book by Friedrich Nietzsche that, famously, inspired the NAZI regime.

Then I found this …

(I added the black text “Echo of …”).

Source: Brock Chisholm, the World Health Organization, and the Cold War, John Farley, UBC Press, 1 Jan 2009.

Rabbi Abraham tells us that the quote …

“… sounds very much like an eloquent streamlined 1945 version of the Nietzschean point of view which was the basis of the Nazi philosophy.”

For now I will leave it there.

I implore all Mental Health Rights Campaigners, law enforcement officials, researchers and all concerned citizens to look seriously into the research I present here. I think once it “clicks” everything will fall into place for you. WHY Psychiatry uses toxic drugs. WHY Psychiatry uses Electroshock. WHY Psychiatry continues to get away with it year after year, decade after decade leaving trails of ruined lives behind them.

Up till now the POLITICAL understanding of the underpinnings of Psychiatry has been missing. Its about time that changed.

Stage 2

(Added 9th Feb 2018).

Stage 2 will contain further analysis in light of the book Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation by Patrick M. Wood …

Coming soon !

Stage 3

(Added 11th Feb 2018)

I’ll flesh the following out later. I felt compelled to put this here for any folks following this “mission” so to speak … Written up quickly from my notes;

Operation Destroy Scientology: Scientology was specifically setup as a partner for Psychiatry. It’s a simple ruse. Get Scientology “to attack” Psychiatry to dump off all their crimes into “it’s just a cult belief” if you criticise Psychiatry.

Also see the Wikipedia page about Space opera in Scientology

“In the 1960s, Hubbard introduced a series of questions, known as “security checks”, to verify members’ loyalty.[38] Mikael Rothstein, associate professor of religious history at the University of Copenhagen, sees the Xenu myth as building off of, and the culmination of, these accounts.[39]” [My emphasis].

Source: Space opera in Scientology.

This is a test to see if a potential follower is gullible enough, a bit like Psychiatry ?

There are also rumours of Trump withdrawing Scientology’s tax exempt status. Stay in there folks ! These are not obvious connections. Non-linear, oblique. A large complex chess game (the “3D Chess”).

Take for example the recent reaction to their Super Bowl commercial in the USA …

I’ve never seen such an outpouring of derision against Scientology. Scientology could very well be on the way to falling, to being completely destroyed ! Then a major chess piece will be removed that’s been in the way of exposing Psychiatry for DECADES ! It’s been the common refrain all along every time a serious attack on Psychiatry is raised … “are you a Scientologist?”. It’s SO obvious what’s been going on here.

Stage 4

More high quality research published by others.

Sustainable Medicine + Sustainable Development = Duty to Die (Parts I & II)

… one British psychiatrist pleaded that mental health ideology [CHISHOLM] threatened reason itself and psychiatrists should be curing the patients filling hospitals before trying to cure the world., p4 [My emphasis].

“… the transfer of methods from medical epidemiology to research on mental disorders required mobilizing conceptual justifications, including a ‘contagion argument’.” [my emphasis], p1.

“By the end of the 1950s, mostly US and European funding and consultants established the basis for a psychiatric epidemiological canon at WHO, supported by a contagion thesis about mental disorder …” [my emphasis], p2.

“Subsequent WHO international schizophrenia studies provided proof of concept for an international psychiatric epidemiology and the universality of certain mental disorders in the absence of biomarkers or external validator.” [my emphasis], p2.

“… his [Kraepelin’s] advocacy of biological theories of mental disorder were implicated in the eugenic policies that led to Nazi genocides.” p2.

“As is now widely known, the preamble of the Organization’s constitution [WHO], signed in 1946, incorporated ‘mental health’ into its definition of health. The preamble states that: ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.” p2. [My emphasis].

Social is none of their business ! For example see “Kill joys, A Critique of Paternalism“, Christopher Snowdon, 2017.

“According to its constitution, which entered into force in 1948, WHO must favour all activities in the field of mental hygiene, notably those related to the establishment of harmonious relationships between men.” [my emphasis], p3.

What on Earth does “the establishment of harmonious relationships between men” have to do with treating psychological trauma ?

“Chisholm worked closely with the International Congress for Mental Hygiene (ICMH).”, p3.

Interesting that the ICMH was setup by a former inmate of an asylum, Clifford Whittingham Beers, who had been subjected to abuses while in those institutions. His campaign appears to be a forerunner of exactly the same mistakes we see being made in modern campaigns (Mindfreedom, Madpride, MadinAmerica, et al). The assumption of genetically acquired “mental illnesses” as well as the repetition of the problem words “mad“, “insane“, “lunatic” when really all there is, is psychological trauma, a very human condition as old as the hills. One need only examine the early life of Clifford Whittingham Beers’ to see what traumatised him. Witness the root definitions of the word “mad”. The definitions have grown into an over extended set that probably used to only apply to murderers and those enraged to the point of violence (compare to phrase “mad as hell”), but has now been over extended to include those simply suffering from psychological trauma caused by whatever injustice or accident. When exactly did society become so disconnected from this very human of human behaviours? The practitioner Donald Kalsched shows this very well in his book “The Inner World of Trauma”. In his examination of Jungian psychology, and the practical use of it in his practice, he shows very convincingly how far back true knowledge of human trauma actually goes. Examples appear in Fairy Tales and world mythology of the most profound nature that undoubtedly go back by millennia if not much, much further.

“They projected a common post-war image of society as a therapeutic community in which every individual or group, mental health workers included, would be subjected to public hygiene interventions based on knowledge of inter-group relations—a perspective in keeping with the pacifist agenda.”, p4 [My emphasis].

You see. We are all being subjected to “mental health” propaganda if you want it or not!

“His survey of mental health problems sought racialist explanations for African intellectual and cultural inferiority in brain morphology, personality, child-rearing patterns and morality. As might be expected, it met broad criticism from anthropologists outside WHO (albeit praise from anthropologist and WHO consultant Margaret Mead)” p4, [My emphasis].

“… embracing an ideological notion of mental health far removed from concerns with psychopathology …” p4, [My emphasis].

“Interest in statistics was further dampened by the eugenic spectre that hung over this Congress, only 5 years after the Holocaust and the Nazi murder of psychiatric pa-tients. A paper by the psychiatric geneticist Franz Kallman, who pioneered twin studies for assessing environmental and hereditary contributions to psychopathology, created an uproar. Kallman’s family, having Jewish roots, had fled Germany in 1933, but Kallman wholeheartedly approved of the Nazi eugenic policies. The other psychiatric geneticists at WPA supported Kallman’s research but refused to enter the debate, which proved so virulently emotional that the session chair deliberately omitted it from the proceedings.” p5

“During the early 1950s, in consonance with the position of WHO’s Expert Committee on Mental Health, Milbank’s Boudreau explicitly espoused the radical vision whereby mental health promotion, implemented by mental hygiene workers and informed by the social and biological sciences, constituted the vehicle for world peace. He also positioned himself as a strategist for Chisholm’s larger pacifist agenda, pledging to use his contacts in the US Congress and the American Public Health Association to influence the American Cold War political environment.” p6 [My emphasis].

Source (all above), page numbers refer to PDF: The World Health Organization and the contested beginnings of psychiatric epidemiology as an international discipline: one rope, many strands, Anne M. Lovell, INSERM, CERMES3-Centre de Recherche Me decine, Sciences, Sante ́, Sante ́ mentale et Societe ́. 3rd June 2014, International Journal of Epidemiology, 2014, i6–i18.

(More to be added later)

Stage 5

Current references prove ongoing agenda !

UN Department of Public Information/NGO Annual Conference, “Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together,” South Korea, 30 May -1 June 2016” [ My emphasis]

Source: World Federation for Mental Health, Annual Report 2016.

“Three sets of obstacles stood in the way of doing so earlier. First, a particular ideological construct of mental health initially overrode the Committee’s interest in mental disorders research. The Committee defined mental health as the individual’s capacity to ‘form harmonious relations with others’ and channel aggression. In fact, ultimately the Committee’s interpretation of mental health and its accompanying practices and techniques, or mental hygiene, differed from earlier and later notions of mental health that focused on individual well-being, capacity for self-realization, self-esteem, adaptation, resilience and other traits that sociologists have associated with the American middle class ethos. In veiled reference to civilian acceptance of occupation and atrocities in World War II, the Committee judged that ‘to adapt to any and every environment’ was not a sign of mental health. Rather, the ‘healthy response’ would be to try changing that environment.” p4 [My emphasis].

Source (all above), page numbers refer to PDF: The World Health Organization and the contested beginnings of psychiatric epidemiology as an international discipline: one rope, many strands, Anne M. Lovell, INSERM, CERMES3-Centre de Recherche Me decine, Sciences, Sante ́, Sante ́ mentale et Societe ́. 3rd June 2014, International Journal of Epidemiology, 2014, i6–i18.

Yet the WHO constitution was never changed. This line still exists in the official document; “… ability to live harmoniously in a changing total environment …” p1.

Source: World Health Organisation Constitution.

(More to be added later)

Stage 6

Further discoveries about Brock Chisholm.

Brock Chisholm received awards from Cuba, Lebanon and Syria …

Source: Untitled – Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.

Brock Chisholm admits to Marxist ideas and makes the usual mistake of suggesting that (paraphrased) “it was not real Marxism (and/or Communism, Socialism, etc) which is why it failed” ie. apparently Marx did not have the right information or some other excuse, which justify’s  repeating the same Socialist experiment over and over until it “works”. Of course, as this goes on we are all made to suffer.

Source: Prescription for survival by Chisholm, George Brock, 1957.


I am looking for co-researcher(s) and co-author(s) to write a book about this. If you are interested please contact me here: michael [{at]] michaelzfreeman {{dot]] org

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