It’s an animal thing … Attachment is fundamental

“Whatever you do, don’t get eye contact” says one of the prisoners. But just as Riddick knows in his fundamental animal level, the “space tiger” engages through the face and eye’s like any mammal. The guards beat it … but what about this one ? But as is supposed to happen between Mother and infant, […]

Warning about therapist Sarah Waters

I need to warn people about this therapist. She drew me into a situation where she, without any compassion, replicated the circumstances of a original attachment rejection in infancy, after having detailed talks with her about this. After a half hour introductory session she left me in control and said she would wait for me […]

The USA: How China created a virus to get rid of Trump

If you don’t understand why this is a reality then you don’t understand what Communism is. Despite nice little shiny devices China still has that same old abusive “all singing all corrupting” ol’time Communism. Trump stood up to their BS. China struck back. Not with nukes … the Cold War “mutually assured destruction” put and […]