Putting safety entirely in the hands of the industry is not accepted in aviation so why is it accepted in medicine ?

For those who immediately react to this by answering that “We have N.I.C.E and the C.Q.C”, well all I have to say is that you’re living in denial, ignorance, or both ! It has been proved that these bodies are now hopelessly compromised by pharmaceutical company money. They have failed in their job and need […]

Doctors, Revolt!

Finally the truth is starting to come out. A monolithic conspiracy. People are pissed off ! Mostly unreported, underground, maligned, misunderstood and ignored, people have been damaged, pushed around. Have lost loved one’s and have seen them damaged. While they’re being told “they never had it so good” an industrialised, one size fits all solution, […]

Moving away from the lies of coercive psychiatry: Dark Dreams: A Legendary FBI Profiler Examines Homicide and the Criminal Mind

You might have been told you are suffering from “delusions” or that you are “mentally ill”. You might have been told that you have a “psychiatric disorder”. You may have attempted to communicate the details of appalling crimes to coercive psychiatric staff who were only too willing to indoctrinate you into the coercive psychiatric cult […]

Panoramic Photo’s Video Game Style

The scale of many of these open world video games fascinates me. Using software created for more traditional photographic panorama’s also works with video game screen shots (with some additional tuning). I just made a new one of Watch Dogs 2 and have some archived that I made a while ago which I will try […]