The Ordinary Miracle of Healing

“It’s useless trying to separate mind and body because they are in a welded, undifferentiated unity.” Connections Between Trauma, PTSD And Chronic Pain With Peter Levine, PhD. All mental health and psychiatric practitioners need to be trained in this in the the UK as soon as possible. This is a revolution. THE paradigm shift away […]


In my previous post I identified some of the real reasons for a careless, uncaring and corrupt mental health system in the UK. In this information war where victims are kept in an information quarantine I managed to break through again to another jackpot ! I had initially identified The Little Alpert experiment as a […]

How the USA Congressional Record from 1969 shows us what “Mental Health” really is in Britain in 2020

“Scientism aligned with Psychiatry think people are biological machines and that free will is an illusion. But this is the flaw in their plan because we do have souls. We can choose and exercise our free will.” Quote from A View From The Galaxies: Universal Reality Beats Abusers on Planet Earth. Progressivism. A political movement […]