A Scientific Approach to Ritual Abuse

OK, these abuse accounts are SO extreme ( WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT – http://escapingritualabuseinaustralia.com/2014/08/21/pine-lodge-inverloch-victoria-australia/ ). There MUST be an original traumatising stressor event that started off the chain of generational abuse to begin with. What was it ? Here we can use multiple conflicting hypothesis … Communities that encourage “Multiple conflicting hypothesis” (non-[localised, consensus, entrapped] thinking) […]

The Conspiracy Theory that Became Fact: Neuroweapons, Electromagnetic Mind Control Beams & Human Experimentation

Since my last post I appear to have found the proof of something that, although I was aware of it, I had firmly placed in the conspiracy theory and science fiction department … until now. So without further ado … suck on this. The major journal/magazine Torture: Asian And Global Perspectives has published a number […]