The NAZI’s: A warning from history about slavery & annihilation by pharma/psychiatry

“Varian Fry was the American Schindler. He even had a list. He arrived in Vichy-controlled Marseille on Aug. 15, 1940, with $3,000 taped to his leg and a charge from the organization he worked for, the Emergency Rescue Committee, to help save some 200 endangered refugees, mainly artists, writers and intellectuals, from the Nazis. Quote […]

Those who use psych drug weapons of execution are guilty as a naked gun

Here’s the original …. A blog post describes the piece very well … This reflects to me the power of the resurrected Son of God to save those who cannot save themselves. The man is a plain, average Joe (like us), he is powerless, and yet with what strength he does have he still holds […]

Unnecessary Evil: Using the “nuclear option” in the British mental health system.

The bomber Necessary Evil was one of the aircraft that accompanied the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. What a name. But its a name that described those dark times very well. The American’s have been blamed for these acts far too often. There’s even been talk of war crimes prosecutions. But this is […]

How to understand then combat psychiatric programming

Step number 1 would be to seek out Somatic Experiencing (SE). If you are being damaged by psych drugs reduce them slowly and get off of them. If they have damaged you then you will need basic natural health nutrition and supplements as well as Homeopathy before SE will work. So after covering advice for […]

Key Anti Malicious Psychiatry Media – Part 3 – Deep Space Nine Rocks and Shoals

Although not obviously meant to be a bow shot aimed specifically at corrupted psychiatry such as we saw in part 2, this episode of Deep Space Nine contains such a brilliant affirmation that evil needs to be fought that I have included it here (I assert my right to include this clip under fair usage […]

The agency tasked with preventing your death by pharma is financed by pharma

(I previously wrote about this). CEP point out that many members of the medicines regulatory body in Britain have worked for pharma. Compare with the CAA who have a couple of members with previous employment in the airline industry. There’s a least four in the MHRA according to CEP. However what is much worse is […]

The banned video that exposes Google as liars

Download. The Project Veritas original new release page. I would not normally post this kind of thing on my site but this affects everything. Google and other tech giants need to be pulled up sharply on this. This effects the necessity of getting information out about damaging psych drugs and a million other issues that […]