Major Pharmaceutical Company CEO Jailed for Five and Half Years

I reported before about the Opioid Crisis in the USA. Thousands have died. The same in the UK as well as with Psychiatric Drugs. The difference here is that there has been no declaration of a national emergency as there has been in the United States. This is due to having bad political leadership although […]

What on Earth is Going on Here ? Communism in Psychiatry and Society

“Furthermore, the Communist sees in the dynamic ideology of Judaic-Christian teachings a force for peace which cuts through the vitals of Communism’s campaign for worldwide revolution. As Anatole Lunarcharsky, the former Russian Commissar of Education declared: ‘“‘We hate Christians and Christianity. Even the best of them must be considered our worst enemies. They preach love […]

“Gulags were a lot better than the CIA told us they were”, USA Democrat field organiser

Project Veritas in The States exposes more of this same human, global problem that drives psychiatric abuses as well as the “mental health” agenda. Just as with racism and anti-Semitism, these people are driven by an inability to face their own failures. Fears and anxieties are projected out onto the outside, onto “them”. These are […]

A problem of institutional psychiatry: exclusion as a social and psychiatric category, Franco Basaglia & Franca Basaglia Ongaro

In my previous post I covered this very important paper by Basaglia and his wife. I managed to obtain full access (PDF download) to this paper which was only translated to English from Italian in 2018. I believe this is one of the reasons that the Basaglia revolution (or more specifically paradigm shift) has not […]

Invisible War: Iran is bad but this is worse !

“Consider this: In the 14-year period between 1950 and 1963, more American deaths occurred in state and county mental institutions than in all of the nation’s armed conflicts beginning with the Revolutionary War and ending with the Persian Gulf War. Between 1965 and 1990, the total number of mental-hospital inpatient deaths exceeded the number of […]


In my previous post I identified some of the real reasons for a careless, uncaring and corrupt mental health system in the UK. In this information war where victims are kept in an information quarantine I managed to break through again to another jackpot ! I had initially identified The Little Alpert experiment as a […]

How the USA Congressional Record from 1969 shows us what “Mental Health” really is in Britain in 2020

“Scientism aligned with Psychiatry think people are biological machines and that free will is an illusion. But this is the flaw in their plan because we do have souls. We can choose and exercise our free will.” Quote from A View From The Galaxies: Universal Reality Beats Abusers on Planet Earth. Progressivism. A political movement […]