Emergency post: The disabled are under murderous attack in the UK

“Mo Stewart Research” collates all my independent research, conducted voluntarily since February 2009, demonstrating the American corporate influence with future UK welfare reforms since 1992 and the human consequences of that corporate influence. The British “welfare state“ is being gradually demolished by successive UK governments, to be eventually replaced with private healthcare insurance. Thousands have died and […]

Pharma (esp. psychiatric) is part of the Deep State tyranny that was winning @ keeping us all enslaved

This is why what is going on with Trump and the people who voted for him in the USA is so important. Sadly a lot of anti-psychiatry and pharma protesters don’t get this and fall for the same old lame media promoted Trump stereotypes and myths. So this is it folks. Do or die ! […]

Psychiatry is the modern Spanish Inquisition keeping us in pseudo-religious-medical slavery

Psychiatry is a modern inquisition. Just as the Spanish Inquisition used to be the “Gestapo” of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, now this modern day psychiatric inquisition stifles dissent and covers up truths. They are the bully boys of the medical cartel. It’s extraordinary to think that these two realities can […]

Yet another successful non-drug treatment for schizophrenia, YET IT’S NOT BEING USED !

TRANSCRIPT: (edited, originally generated by Youtube) … I did the Soteria Project for whichI am well known while I was at theNational Institute of Mental Health. Soteriawas an experiment that we did for 12years based in Palo Alto we had twofacilities one in San Jose one in SanMateo where we took in people who wouldwho […]

Prozac maker paid millions to secure favourable verdict in mass shooting lawsuit, victims say

Eli Lilly Paid Mass Shooting Victims Hush Money in Prozac Lawsuit   John Rapport reported on this: “Prozac mass murders: the truth comes to light“. “Two of the victims recently told the Courier Journal that the payment totaled $20 million, worth about $41 million in today’s dollars, which the plaintiffs divided among themselves after paying […]

The Curse of Child Sexual Exploitation has come. Now That Curse Must be Vanquished.

Someone Else August 21, 2019 at 7:02 am“what children really need from us is love, nurturing, and understanding. They need protection from predatory older children and adults, including many healthcare providers.” So all those promises to “first and foremost do no harm” and “trust your doctor” are just a bunch of medical/psycho/pharmaceutical industrial complex propaganda now, […]

Study that “proved” MDMA (“E”) causes brain damage mistakenly gave animals meth

“Five months after Congress passed its anti-rave legislation, Ricaurte reported that he’d mistakenly given his animals meth, not MDMA, and retracted the paper. The fiasco, described as an “almost laughable laboratory blunder,” got its own chapter in the book When Science Goes Wrong: Twelve Tales from the Dark Side of Discovery. But the damage had been done. Federal […]