The book Game of Gods

I’ve only read the Kindle sample so far but already this looks like an important work that has a relationship with my own research. The psychiatric and, as I have found out personally, the psychoanalysis profession has been deeply infiltrated by these ideas. The pharmaceutical companies are only too willing to go along with it […]

1000’s of working, non-damaging health treatments & technology have been pushed out the market by a “Facebook effect”.

… a period of mergers and acquisitions that created megacorporations. In the past 20 years, more than 75 percent of American industries, from airlines to pharmaceuticals … It’s Time to Break Up Facebook By Chris Hughes. This is WHY psychiatry and the medical system damages so many. It’s not just Facebook. The results are a […]

Pharma CEO’s No Longer Untouchable

CBS News reported on this (video above). Other news items included … Insys’s John Kapoor Is First CEO Convicted of Opioid Racketeering Greed and Lust Drove Doctor to Push Insys Opioids on Patients Insys founder John Kapoor convicted in fentanyl bribery case Insys defendants bribed doctors to prescribe painkillers to those that didn’t need it […]