I need to warn people about this therapist. She drew me into a situation where she, without any compassion, replicated the circumstances of a original attachment rejection in infancy, after having detailed talks with her about this. After a half hour introductory session she left me in control and said she would wait for me to contact her. After the weekend when I did, and said I wanted to proceed with sessions she answered back with a coarsely worded email with no empathy or compassion, that stated she felt she could not provide the right attention to me “because she has other clients”. Then why did she agree to have the introductory meeting in the first place ? The words she chose to talk to me with were cack-handed and unskillfully chosen for some who describes herself as “deeply compassionate“. This was strange behaviour for someone who claims to have experience with attachment (John Bowlby). All she need have done is to have talked to me KINDLY and CAREFULLY and everything would have been OK. If a therapist feels they can’t provide the right support then that is great. That’s what I need to know, but in this case Sarah Waters replicated the circumstances of the original attachment problem between mother and infant where fleeting attachment was suddenly ripped away. She should have recognised this and talked to my very carefully in her final “rejection” email. She left me feeling deeply hurt.

I suggest staying away from this therapist or being very cautious.

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