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Psychiatry is a modern inquisition. Just as the Spanish Inquisition used to be the “Gestapo” of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, now this modern day psychiatric inquisition stifles dissent and covers up truths.

They are the bully boys of the medical cartel.

It’s extraordinary to think that these two realities can exist side by side in our modern day “global village”. Leave the borders of “advanced” first world countries and one encounters radically different realities. I found this myself when, as a young man, I crossed the border at San Diego in the United States into Tijuana. This was in 1994. 

Immediately I noticed a difference. A difference that increased the further South I went all the way to Guatemala. Of course some of this was cultural but much of it was a society with vastly less rules and regulations, both societal and governmental. People were much happier even if they were often living in poverty. This was not some mere idolisation of “third world” life on my part. I could see that people were more directly, not just connected to, but in reality. People were more up front and would come up and talk to us (me and my travelling companion).

This social matrix in the west. I’m generalising of course, but I find so many to be distant and oddly reserved. Even worse, the light of the excitement of being alive often seems to go out of peoples eye’s as they reach into their 20’s and 30’s. Something dies, and we are left living in a sort of Soap opera. A pretend version of what life is really supposed to be.

In fact this matches very closely with what happened in middle ages Spain in the era of the Spanish Inquisition. I forget which art series it was on TV. But the art historian was pointing out the artwork of the Spanish Inquisition period. It was full of abstracted depictions of religious scenes. Saints reaching up to the sky towards unobtainable realities. Then something new happened. New forms of artwork (paintings) started coming in. “The water seller” depicted a simple theme. A boy selling water in a restaurant. The style is realistic, yet extraordinary. Reality. You see something was changing. People were getting fed up of the Spanish Inquisition. You don’t often hear WHY they came to an end. Of course they had to hire people to run their entire operation. Accountants, cooks and people to manage their torture sessions. But people simply started refusing to work for them.

That was the end of the Spanish Inquisition.

Psychiatry and the medical cartel drag us further and further away from reality … from our life’s !

I think people know this even if they won’t admit it … yet.

The day will come when psychiatry and the medical cartel will, just like the Spanish Inquisition, be consigned to the dustbin of history.

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