Some interesting therapy going on in this psychiatric ward. Gosh, people even look happy !

“Five months after Congress passed its anti-rave legislation, Ricaurte reported that he’d mistakenly given his animals meth, not MDMA, and retracted the paper. The fiasco, described as an “almost laughable laboratory blunder,” got its own chapter in the book When Science Goes Wrong: Twelve Tales from the Dark Side of Discovery. But the damage had been done. Federal officials continued to bankroll their preoccupation with proving that MDMA causes brain damage while ignoring known risks along with its healing potential.”

(My emphasis) EMBRACING ECSTASY – Can efforts to bottle MDMA’s magic transform psychiatry ?


Maybe you should read the quote above again. And again. And again.

I don’t see the same efforts being taken to demonise psychiatric drugs. 

What we are dealing with here are rival drug dealers. Street dealers on one side and psychiatry/pharma on the other. 


Why aren’t we using MDMA (“E”) in psychiatric wards ?

This is the premise I came up with after noticing a contradiction. In 1992 Britain passed the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) that essentially made dancing to music while under the influence of MDMA illegal. A similar act, fuelled by the likely deliberately fixed study,  was passed in the States in 2003. The moral outrage was palpable. Our “kids” were being “corrupted” by weaselly drug dealers selling them “dangerous” MDMA (no, its not risk free) while they danced to “rebellious” electronic music. Public morals had to be protected ! So the CJA was passed.

So where is the equivalent of the CJA when it comes to confirmed, documented damage by Prozac, Zyprexa and a zillion other “proven safe” pharmaceuticals that are currently killing and ruining kids life’s ?

Anyone ?

Then I found this …

EMBRACING ECSTASY – Can efforts to bottle MDMA’s magic transform psychiatry ?

“Ecstasy enthusiasts and university professors alike heard several research teams report that MDMA helped patients recover from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other disabling psychiatric conditions after conventional treatments had failed. Meeting rooms buzzed with excited chatter about the prospect of MDMA getting approved as a prescription therapy for PTSD. That could come as early as 2021 if it proves safe and effective in large clinical studies that are just getting underway. For many advocates of this work, regulatory approval can’t arrive too soon.”

EMBRACING ECSTASY – Can efforts to bottle MDMA’s magic transform psychiatry ?

Let me read that part again;

“… helped patients recover from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other disabling psychiatric conditions”.

Recover ? Gosh ! You’d think psychiatry would be pipe lining this stuff into wards in a major way ! But (shhhh, don’t tell anyone), Newsflash ! PSYCHIATRY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO GET BETTER ! This is exactly quite how utterly evil they have become along with their international drug dealing friends, the pharmaceutical industry.

Think about it. Millions sought out rave parties to take MDMA and dance the night away. Why did they do this ? Because it made them feel shit ? Noooo. Because it made them feel good ! Now look at the situation with so called “treatments” for psychiatric “disorders”. Do those drugs make people feel good ? Noooo. Why are they committing suicide and shooting up schools ? Murdering people and killing their loved one’s ?!?

It’s pure and simple …

MDMA (“E”) = Love.

Psych Drugs = Hatred.

This is the shit drugs versus the good drugs (basically). Who do we think is going to win ? Anyone ? Do people go to bars and pubs to get a good dose of feeling shit ? Do ravers get “shitted up” ?! No they don’t. The loss of reality in this area is shocking. 

The 1990’s era of hysterical MDMA scares. Huge government acts of legislation clamping down on the oh so “dangerous” ravers. “E”s were apparently about do take over our neighbourhoods and create legions of zombie kids.

Meanwhile what has been going on with an avalanche of psychiatric drugs and opioids ? Exactly the thing that was projected onto what was basically innocent party going and drug experimentation (I feel I have to say again for the benefit of those of a nervous disposition, no of course that is not risk free, nothing is!).

So the article shows how MDMA has been recorded as helping many sufferers of PTSD. I’m also picking up a Somatic angle here. The article talks a lot about brain chemicals and brain this and that. That’s part of it but its not the whole story. MDMA does not make people docile. They have an overwhelming desire to move around and especially to dance if there is music there (even when there isn’t music !). These are inherently somatic acts. There is movement. There is sweating, and crucially a reduction of fear. Fear of somatic sensations that are blocking somatic release is a classic block in the way of exiting an improperly exited immobility state according to the work of Peter Levine. Is this a somatic MDMA effect that the article is really describing ?

Research demonstrates that during these sessions, activity in the amygdala—the region of the brain related to fear response—is decreased, making it possible for patients to discuss and process traumatic events without experiencing their standard reactions to that trauma.”

Psychedelics Are Going Mainstream, Because the Mainstream Needs Them,
Some experts predict practices like MDMA therapy will be legal in as little as three years. (Also see … Scientists Want the FDA to Designate MDMA a ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ for PTSD)

There we have it. For the uninitiated, you have basically woken up in a science fiction movie. Planet Earth (or at least countries that have disposable income to spend on drugs) is warred over by two battling factions. On the one side we have the musicians, the DJ’s and party goers and dancers. Many of them happen to use MDMA. On the other side we have the pitifully uncreative and unimaginative psychiatric profession and the pharmaceutical industry who could not innovate their way out of a paper bag.

Love (chemically induced or otherwise) conquers all.

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