Here I republish an article by John Rappoport that I received through his email list. This article has not officially been published online due to Jon’s blog having been taken down.

The story is one that other campaigners will probably find very familiar. First it was psychiatric drugs, now it’s vaccinations. I can’t think of anything more scary than the government having powers to violently enforce the drugging of the population and now they’re trying to do the same thing with those vaccinations.

The excuse with psychiatric drugs has always been that patients are somehow “potentially violent” if their “mental illness” is not violently “treated” as soon as possible. This is guilty before proven innocent, but as always with shameless lies and manipulation there is grain of truth to this lie. As Peter Levine in his book In An Unspoken Voice identifies, coming out of trauma too fast can involve (depending on the case) going into fits of rage and/or flight or fight … 

“The exiting of immobility is inhibited by the following double bind: to come back to life, one must feel the sensations of rage and intense energy. However, at the same time, these sensations evoke the possibility of mortal harm. This possibility inhibits sustained contact with the very sensations that bring relief from the experience of immobility, thereby leading to resolution.”

( In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness, Peter A. Levine PhD and Gabor Mate)

But these effects of trauma are used to cruelly twist the situation around and blame the patient. To identify the patient as “the threat” rather then admitting that the patient needs help because of some actual original threat that caused the state of trauma in the first place.

Rather than honestly facing what is really going on here (vis Levine’s discoveries) these perpetrators manipulate people’s fear of violence to create even more violence that is actually carried out against the patient (damaging “treatments”) or, even worse, by grossly insulting, damaging and offending someone who simply needs help with their trauma, the perpetrators can actually cause the patient to act out acts of violence. Of course these acts are then used to further justify damaging treatments “for the public’s protection”. This is actually a protection racket; 

“Pay us money to protect you from violent people [that we created] or else”

(Source: Random pharma crook)

This creates a situation where, horrifically, these fears of violence are whipped up into a hysteria where almost all becomes lost. Tragically we are are not only losing life’s to this horrific situation, but what was almost completely lost (until now) are actual solutions to people’s trauma that people like Levine have discovered. These scientific approaches to healing trauma will completely replace these corrupted forms of psychiatry, simply because THEY WORK. There are video’s of Levine curing military veterans of PTSD. The public is sick to death of the “mental health” situation. We are bombarded almost daily with what is truly Fake Medicine and what is truly a pseudoscience.

By the way I really do mean violently treated; being forcibly shut away somewhere when you have committed no crime is a form of violence. Being forcibly drugged and electroshocked and subjected to coercive hypnosis is violence. Unimaginable horrors beyond comprehension. Yet many take these reports as if they are listening to science fiction, a situation mostly created by the criminals themselves who imply that anyone who tell’s such horror stories must be “mentally ill” and require urgent “treatment”. The closest I’ve come to defining this outrage is that it’s Crypto-Communism. It’s no coincidence that the former Soviet Union and other repressive regimes have been big fans of coercive psychiatry. Crypto-communist psychiatry attacks the individual and collectivises them. This, by definition, erodes the security of Democratic states and falls in line perfectly with a Globalist, anti-nation state agenda.

Back to our “excuse”. The excuse is that those patients are somehow “violent” (or potentially violent) so the drugging is justified.

The reality of this was bought home to me by a fellow I used to drink with in a local pub. He turned out to be an anaesthetist who worked at my local hospital. Another friend of mine in the same pub had told me weeks before that he was being drugged with “anti-psychotics”. I was horrified as I watched as his health deteriorated in front of me over the days and weeks. Having educated myself about the effects of these drugs I knew it was the drugs.

One day I “snapped” and turned to my anaesthetist friend at the bar and said “Does it not bother you that this guy is being damaged by these anti-psychotics?” … He then proceeded to come out with this extraordinary statement …

“Yes, but we have to damage this guy because we are carrying out a service for the community. We are drugging him with these drugs in order to prevent future acts of violence”

I was aghast ! He had come out with “it“. Stating the real reason for the drugging’s is carefully hidden because they know the public would be outraged at their “guilty before proven innocent” approach. It’s so tragic that my anaesthetist friend could not see the reality of what was really going on here. It was my friend (and those many others who have the same view) who are promoting and actually carrying out violence, not the person being drugged ! The victim had not done anything yet ! Yet the actual crimes of violence ARE being carried out right now by doctors, supported by our government. They are the real criminals and violent one’s assaulting people. Those who are actually prescribing these drugs knowing they are going to be damaging the individual need to be immediately arrested and put on trial in order to stop this outrage. 

There has been some evidence that even insider psychiatrists have been waking up …

If he can make a difference, then great. But one thing worries me. This …

“I’m not a critical psychiatrist. It would upset me deeply if anyone thought I was trying to undermine people who have had positive experiences from antidepressants.”

(Source: The Herald: Psychiatrist Peter Gordon claims Royal College ‘gaslighted’ him in antidepressant row)

“Positive experience” ? He obviously has not encountered the work of Peter Breggin who found that the statements of patients saying that they are “helped” by antidepressants cannot be trusted. Breggin discovered a “Spell Binding” effect. Patients claimed they were “better” when actually tests showed serious organ and brain damage (see here and here). Why is Peter Gordon not aware of this key work in the field ? Breggin is the first port of call for anyone concerned about these drugs simply because he has been so prominent in the field for decades. In the 1970’s his work was instrumental in getting lobotomies permanently stopped.

But, as always, a “campaigner” feels the need to make excuses and kiss and make up with psychiatry and pharma as some kind of attempt not to offend people “helped” by anti-depressants ! They are the one’s we should be rescuing !

Just as with the vaccine issue more people need to be honest about the real dangers rather than reaching far too fast for the apology or censor button.

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