OK, these abuse accounts are SO extreme ( WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT – http://escapingritualabuseinaustralia.com/2014/08/21/pine-lodge-inverloch-victoria-australia/ ).

There MUST be an original traumatising stressor event that started off the chain of generational abuse to begin with. What was it ? Here we can use multiple conflicting hypothesis …

Communities that encourage “Multiple conflicting hypothesis”
(non-[localised, consensus, entrapped] thinking)

The attached paper is “yet another” in a long series of emails that I have sent out over the last couple of years related to fundamental physics, astronomy, and Earth Sciences, especially from the perspective of the fantastically diverse super-scientific communities [Electric Universe; Natural Philiosophy Alliance; climate skeptics like the Friends of Science; International Nerual Network Society & some other Computational Intelligence communities]. Unlike normal scientific [individuals, organisations, communities, conferences, consensi], these communities, for whatever reason, are capable of listening to extremly diverse concepts that they often disagree with, and of discussing ideas constructively. In other words, in practise they achieve a concept that I try to foce on my own behaviour and thinking : “Multiple conflicting hypothesis”.

Howell – Paul Anderson’s “Electric scarring of the Earth’s surface” Bill Howell, 2012, p32 [BTW, the typo’s are not mine but were in the original].

The problem with these Ritual Abuse accounts is that they are so extreme. No wonder victims are not always listened to. I’m not sure that means that they “are not believed”. In fact far from it. The problem may lie in the fact that endlessly repeating very, very dark material makes it almost impossible to think straight. I suspect some law enforcement and criminology experts are taught specific psychological approaches to dealing with this kind of material. I should emphasise that I really appreciate what the lady is doing on her blog linked above. Of course victims of these crimes want to draw attention to it and help other victims. But we don’t seem to have been getting at actual causes here. I’m not sure that making appeals to eschatology and metaphysics is particularly helpful either. Blaming the behaviour on “evil” and other entities is not really that helpful. It’s not a scientific approach.

So, I thought. This is generational abuse. This severe psycho-pathological aberration must have started somewhere. Things don’t tend to “drop out of the sky” one day, especially something that’s this serious. So I came up with an initial list using my knowledge of various types of research and discoveries that have been done over the years.

1. Electric Universe huge solar system cataclysm as original traumatising stressor ? The Electric Universe people examine evidence for some kind of enormous solar system wide catastrophe and/or other seemingly “terrifying” electrical events visible in the ancient sky. If this could have been enough to trigger the kind of serious generational Ritual Abuse that we see is open to debate.

2. Michael Cremospiritual devolution from an original advanced state to one that now includes these serious abuses ? This gets back into the metaphysical realm a bit. But I’m not sure that’s the conclusion that has to be drawn from Cremo and Thompson’s research. He found evidence that modern, anatomically correct humans existed far further back in time then we are taught .. up to 60 to 100 million years ago. Cremo’s interest is in fact a religious one, but he uses a Scientific approach. He believes human beings once existed in a vastly more spiritually advanced state. However the evidence he presents in his book could show something completely different .

3. The Roman Empire as stressor creator ? The Romans were known for their brutality and Ritual Abuse-like excesses of their Emperors, executing people in arena’s, crucifying criminals, You know, the usual Saturday night entertainment fare. They also went on to attack various nature based spiritual traditions like the Druids and generally created an enormous traumatising upheaval. Therefore they certainly qualify as one possible stressor that could damage people to the point where some kind of rather nasty generational abuse is created.

4. Industrial revolution and reductionist, materialist paradigm as original stressor ? Plus notice increase in environmental toxins caused by industrial pollution ( see 5 and 6 as well). It is known that toxins can affect behaviour. I don’t see why the resulting traumatic brain injury could not create exactly the behaviour that we see in Ritual Abuse, that might originate in behaviour created by toxins mixed with lack of spiritual direction due to the materialist paradigm.

5. Ancient meteorite hit causing worldwide catastrophe, throwing up atmospheric toxins that create horrific behaviour (think of Strange New World,  Star Trek Enterprise episode). Also see 4 and 6.

6. Nuclear Testing. Loren Moret showed that nuclear testing created toxins and exotic metals that cause exotic diseases like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other diseases not seen before. This could also cause the specific types of severe brain damage leading to the kind of RA behaviour that we see. Also see 4 and 5.

At the moment 4, 5, and 6 are very interesting to me. I’d forgotten that toxins and/or brain damage can create some very strange behaviours indeed. I’ve always thought that someone does not wake up one day and “decide” to carry out the extraordinarily extreme acts carried out in Ritual Abuse. This is especially the case with the context we are working in here, as exposed by Loren Moret and others. This supposed “evil” that the ludicrous Christian churches espouse, especially the “Holy Roman Church” is dangerous and counter-productive. Go back far enough and there are nature based, tribal societies living in harmony with the planet, not plagued by some assumed, Universe wide “evil” that we are supposedly in some metaphysical battle with. It’s ludicrous ! It also blocks access to looking at alternative explanations as I list above. By the way, I do practice a semi-religous and spiritual tradition myself. It’s called Gnosticism. However it’s roots go back to the origins of what we call Science, and a more culturally comparative way of looking at the world. A sort of multiple conflicting cultural traditions Diaspora.

So is it the toxins ? Whatever it is let’s start a debate about this and GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT. Once and for all. I for one don’t want to allow these disgusting practices to carry on a moment longer.

UPDATE: 31sy May, 2015.

More thoughts. The Nuclear angle on its own happened too recently to have a bearing (on its own) on long time generational abuse passed down many generations. However, it would have a bearing as a factor making the already existing generational abuse worse.

Today I listened to “He” by Consolidated. This is a brilliant track by a brilliant band. Consolidated are vegetarians. Did you know that I was forced to eat meat again when I was dragged away to one of these psych wards many years ago ? That’s the truth and I don’t think it was coincidental. It’s all part of the Prickcopracy, destroy, fuck and usurp everything they can lay their hands on. Ritual Abuse is simply a “behind closed doors” logical extension of what these horrible MEN (on the most part) do to animals, the Planet and us on a daily basis …

She gave him life yet he would rather she be dead
out of her soil and her genitalia she bled
the tears of love and pain on down through millenia
the only love that he knows is necrophilia
he is a servant of god and capitol
conquer the land for the gold tobacco and the animals
he came on ships brought his horses and disease
he took by force what was offered to him peacefully
he robbed and killed and slayed up and down the coast
columbus, captain smitz, cortez father son and the holy ghost
through his ceasesless wars he molds identiy
raped the natives and their land demoralized his enemy
drain the human will and labor enemy
blast furnace coal mine sweat shops and textile mills
symbol of the wolf staring down the barrel of a gun
like Kuwaiti oil fields burning in the desert sun
every class and race every corner of the world
China India Africa and Europe she feels connected to our life
but he must stand alone in the name of progress the damage he has done
to purify her soul and her body in his eyes
decapitate and irrigate the other sterilze
everything he fears or doesn’t want to learn
like a Hindu widow or a witch she must be burned
science is the word his sword the medicine
modern gynecology and vivisection he removed her sex organs
he bound her feet chained up in the factory a milk and birth machine
he erased her voice her language and her signs
he rewrote all the history books to cover up the crimes
symbol of the Wolf striking fear in the soul of men
wiping out the predator so he can hunt the sacred game.

http://lyrics.wikia.com/Consolidated:He3,241 views

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