(Part 1)

In these brilliant episodes we are shown the reality of what the corrupted forms of psychiatry do. To be honest the horror stories that victims report, as well as the more technical details of the Mind Control used, can sound like Science Fiction. It’s no wonder so many victims are simply not believed, and even worse treated as if the are spouting “delusions” and sent right back to the people who mistreated them in the first place !

Corrupt psychiatry can create an alternate, or replacement identity in someone, as depicted in this episode. At the very least its serious amnesia.

I just love the Star Trek angle on all this. The Captain thinks she is an ordinary employee on the planet they are on and is not aware of an entire star ship she has in orbit ! Again this mirror’s the pitiful effect corrupted psychiatry can have on someone’s life. The extraordinary possibilities and human potential are stripped away to be replaced by a terrible monotony and depression. What a thing to do to someone ! Yet all victims of corrupt psychiatry have that metaphorical star ship waiting in orbit for them to discover.

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