Is Consciousness the Unified Field?, John Hagelin

This video just shows how utterly hopeless abusive psychiatry is in the UK. This is the “drug and ECT” mode of psychiatry. Under the auspices of the “Mental Health Act”. After watching this video those words (“mental health”) take on their truly meaningless, gigantic proportions. In fact the approach is so spectacularly removed from any kind of historical perspective of the true nature of consciousness that abusive psychiatry is exposed as its true abusive self. We move in spades towards political coercion and a sort of desperate attempt to divide people, who were simply distressed, away from any kind of resolution to their problems. Of course as Hagelin covers in this video, a true organised group TM event could come in (maybe it already did!) and vastly reduce the levels of crime in the actions of abusive psychiatry and open up the entire field in the UK to intelligent approaches towards distress. People would no longer be dominated by a terrifying system that poisons and electrocutes people. Therefore they would no longer be terrified by their and others states of distress and we would move into a world that restores the order of things and which would end psychiatric crimes.

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