A perfect example of all this came up today. I was simply posting a polite comment to an article on MadInTheUK only to get an aggressive email response from admin addressed to no one and signed by nobody. It was complaining about me using the phrase “My dear” which I was using as a term of endearment 😞. The email was an enormous vent of rage and hatred at me and the use of this term. Totally absurd. I mean if your’re offended by “My dear” then your’re going to have serious problems looking at the extreme abuses of psychiatry !

I suspect this little episode to be another example of psychiatric abuses creating perpetrator identified dissociated states in victims. When a real campaigner comes along, like me, these perp identified states are programmed to attack people such as me. Frankly I’ve had it happen before. Recommendation: Dissociate yourself completely from coercive psychiatry before going into any campaigning.

My map, Liberation Map, contains the MadinAmerica network on it. I could just remove these “woke” infested networks from it. But maybe these organisations will wake up. They are are usually very Left orientated in the UK and USA, but fail to initiate genuine peaceful and truly radical revolution because of their paralysation by “woke” (read REALLY STUPID) ideology. This is monumentally ironic as it was Franco Basaglia, himself very Left wing and having seen the horrors of Fascism first hand, who initiated major Gandhian and MLK-like social revolutions in Italy, across Europe and in South America. Believe me, they were not worried about calling someone “my dear” and “pronouns” 😂.

I think there is a great fear in self professed psych rights human rights campaigners in the UK, and rightly so. Chaining yourself to the railings might get you locked away and drugged again. Yet desiring an enormous social change does not come without risks or making sacrifices. The history of MLK and Gandhi and countless people involved in their peaceful revolution comes with many examples. It was the civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964 who gave their life’s for what they believed in. It was a huge price to pay but eventually the bigots and racists completely lost to a more enlightened way. Both MLK and Gandhi also gave their life’s in the end for what they believed in. Yet one does not necessarily have to die. Project Veritas comes to mind. They did a video where they talked about how to identify the actual scale of threat you are exposing yourself to. Are you putting yourself in the public eye 24 hours a day running some global emancipation campaign ? Then put in the appropriate protections. However what if you are producing a few leaflets or protesting outside of a psych ward in large numbers ? That would be a much lesser risk and maybe you don’t have to prepare yourself for the ultimate sacrifice that MLK and Gandhi made.

But remember. In India in Gandhi’s campaign, Indians allowed themselves to be literally beaten with large wooden sticks. They did not exercise their right to self defence because they were making a point in their peaceful protest. If you step up to the plate then there’s going to be pain and loss even agony. Yet there can be exhilarating days when you finally realise that you getting somewhere. My point is that in the USA and UK we are told about the “power of the internet”. The net is a useful tool but at some point someone is actually going to have to go out and peacefully block the roads, or stand arm in arm in front of psych ward entrances or pharma production factories. Just as happened in Italy, someone, one day, has to actually physically knock down a wall of a psych ward.

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