Gates thinks of everything as if it’s Windows 95. The CEO of Moderna talks about “biological operating systems” and how the mRNA “vaccine” gene splicer “reprograms” cells, however, despite their materialist reductionism posturing, we are not machines. Gates, Fauci and Ferguson may be all about “NWO”‘s but it all looks to me like a massive clown show led by some pitiful characters who think they are playing God, or even think they have become literal Gods. Corruption or no, a sort of phantasmagorical morality play seems to be playing itself out where a scientific reductionism of such arrogant proportions has disappeared so far up its own arse that we are all dragged along into its collective nervous breakdown. Materialist Science is going through its death throes. The wicked witch of the West is melting. It’s world view is so pervasive and all consuming that, of course, this is predicated as the very death of reality, of the universe itself; this is how arrogant they have become, like a schizophrenic that thinks his thoughts hold up reality when it is only him who is collapsing. I think there’s more going on here than “viruses” .

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Test for new Omicron variant? We don’t need no stinkin’ test

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