New York Times story.

Finally the truth is starting to come out. A monolithic conspiracy. People are pissed off ! Mostly unreported, underground, maligned, misunderstood and ignored, people have been damaged, pushed around. Have lost loved one’s and have seen them damaged. While they’re being told “they never had it so good” an industrialised, one size fits all solution, is rammed down their throats. Damaged victims are ignored because “our medical treatments must be so good”. The human connection is lost. But the human soul is a powerful thing. Those doctors and companies who should know better have been playing with fire and once the prairie blaze catches there will be no stopping it. These corrupt institutions will be burnt to the ground and changed beyond recognition into entities that will, finally, use medical treatments known to be beneficial. That do not harm. That allow people to find their full potential and live happy and long life’s. Life is not supposed to be a agonising travail through health problems. For too long we have been led up a path where we have been taught that we are “fragile”. In no other place is this more obvious than in the care of psychological needs where massive breakthroughs were made around a 100 years ago. Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung changed our world forever as, with courage, they bought back ancient understandings of the psychological nature of man recorded in myths, legends and fairy tales. Yet they updated that understanding for the modern world. As with the rest of healthcare these genuine, scientific and AUTHENTIC forms of health care are starting to burst towards the surface like a chamber of magma. Woe betide him who sits on the volcano saying nothing is going to change.

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