UPDATE: This does not work ! After further testing the purple returned. However I’m onto something here so decided to leave the post. I am also putting in support requests to both AMD and Ubisoft as this should really have been fixed.

Took me a long time to work this one through ! Glad I did because Far Cry 4 is really a very good game.

Some players get the fringes of trees in the distance, especially when against the sky, showing purple edges.

For example here we see the problem …

Notice the purple fringe on the tree the gun is pointing towards (you might have to zoom in).

Now. If I use the iron sights of the gun this zooms in the camera a little …

Notice that the purple fringes have gone ! What’s happening here ? Well in video game engine terminology this is called “LOD” – Level of Detail. When I zoom in I cross a distance threshold and a higher resolution model of the tree is loaded in. It seems that the lower, distance, tree model has a problem with (probably) it’s alpha channel in the textures which causes the purple colour to appear.

So what is the fix ? Turn up “Geometry Quality” in the Far Cry 4 settings. “Very high” seems to get rid of the problem on my system. Now the low resolution tree models will be much further away in the world hopefully making any purple fringes non-existent.

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