Project Veritas video (right click link on left to download), please share and republish ! Originally obtained from here.

Project Veritas in The States exposes more of this same human, global problem that drives psychiatric abuses as well as the “mental health” agenda. Just as with racism and anti-Semitism, these people are driven by an inability to face their own failures. Fears and anxieties are projected out onto the outside, onto “them”. These are the forces that drove the death of millions in the Gulags. As Basaglia identifies so well, the same forces drive the killing and maiming; the ignoring and silencing of those who simply suffer from distress, trauma and the results of injustices. The importance of this idea is being played out in endeavours, some would say destiny, of the American nation. The USA. As the worlds foremost practitioners of freedom and liberty there is a sort of historical, almost biblical struggle being played out between the forces of reason versus the irrational forces of passion (without reason) that believe that Gulags were a “good idea”.

I’d like to see the good guys win, if you please.

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