I’m talking about reporting of severe damage to health by psychiatric drugs and electroshock. Were you shut down and ignored by a therapist and/or therapeutic organisation ? I’d love to hear your story.

Please contact: michael@michaelzfreeman.org

In the UK, torture in the NHS system (under the auspices of psychiatry) is very common. All national and international legislation rightly makes torture a serious crime. There are reporting mechanisms that are supposed to be used by individual therapist and organisations when a victim or survivor reports the torture. These are rarely or never used. Torture excused as “psychiatric treatment” is an international problem. Many countries outside of the USA and UK stopped doing it decades ago. Probably the most well known example of its use in this mode is by the former Soviet Union. That example is never held in dispute because it’s assumed that such acts would only happen in a repressive regime. Yet many countries, who see themselves as exemplars of human rights and freedom, have torture at the heart of an approach that the Italian psychiatrist Franco Basaglia was the first to tear down and tell the truth about in Italy in the 1960’s and 70’s. He dismantled a system that was used to get rid of and torture people who were simply being subjected to corruption, social injustices, attacks by perpetrator groups and so forth. All things that so many people find it difficult to admit goes on in their society. So it’s easier to blame the victim. “Don’t become the fall guy or patsy” as Franco Basaglia put it. Yet in the UK 99% of therapists and therapeutic organisations are completely ignorant of this problem. Or worse, encounter victims of crimes and corruption and, rather than help the individual, go into psychological compensation because they can’t face the seriousness of the actual crimes.

So I say again. Were you ignored ? Please contact me.

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