“We know now, for example, that the threshold for police involvement in an incident is outlined in the National Partnership Agreement (2023), published in July.

It states police involvement should occur –

 •  “To investigate a crime that has occurred or is occurring; or
•  to protect people, when there is a real and immediate risk to the life of a person, or of a person being subject to or at risk of serious harm.”

A venn diagram of policing, mental health and criminal justice

This is just extraordinary. Now, in other countries law enforcement has not actually been very involved in stopping crimes against distressed people. Most famously in Italy that required an entire national social justice movement to win change. AFAIK there were no convictions of Italian abusive psychiatrists. They just sort of melted into the shadows. This reflects bad assumptions in this country. Somebody was asking me the other day if an abusive person in my past “had been convicted”. The tone in her voice suggesting that somehow the abuses were not real unless successfully prosecuted. Is the criminal justice system in the UK there to determine reality itself ? I don’t think so and, as the author of the blog quoted above has noticed, I’ve also noticed this over reliance on the police in the UK. It’s as if they are some kind of function of the universe like gravity or light. It’s absurd; Newsflash ! You ! Yes, you ! You have a responsibility as a citizen to uphold our freedoms and human rights ! … But this concept seems to escape many people.

So back to the quote. What crimes are these ? Yep. There’s people being subjected to crimes by British psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies. Killer drugs and electroshock and that kind of ilk. So where are the police ? Good question. As much as I’d like to see burley coppers arresting psychiatrists it’s not going to happen. You know why ? Did coppers stop racism in the USA ? Did coppers liberate India from the British ? No. The utter disgusting travesty that the “mental health” and psychiatric sector is in the UK is a classic human rights problem ripe for civil disobedience and national campaigns. Actually something this country is supposed to be pretty good at. So where is it ?

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