A gambit by evil is supposed to make you feel a certain way. As if no one CAN EVER win against evil. This is clearly ludicrous as evil has been defeated many, many times. In fact “the devil always overplays his hand”. They do this kind of thing when they are losing badly. Overreach with global “virus” allowing election fraud by thief’s in the night. Cackle through fake smiles at “violent MAGA” while committing and collaborating with the most evil things in this world. No, this could get interesting. The Biden administration is going to the most scandal ridden admin ever. Their corruption is well known about. If you are of the Left or the Right, or Green or neutral this is not just about politics. This is why I was attracted to the Trump campaign in 2016. I saw brave souls standing up to fight globalisation, the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies and politicians. Human trafficking and child sexual abuse. All the wicked principalities of this world that are now overtly revealing their agenda such as the term “the new normal”. This is really an indication of their gangsta empire crumbling beneath them as more and more citizens wakeup and become fully empowered individuals. THAT is what they are really scared of.

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