Part of JFK’s famous speech.

This is why what is going on with Trump and the people who voted for him in the USA is so important. Sadly a lot of anti-psychiatry and pharma protesters don’t get this and fall for the same old lame media promoted Trump stereotypes and myths.

So this is it folks. Do or die !

Screenshot of a key article.

I was also led onto this by this article whose author has also written about psychiatry

A monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” ? What better phrase could describe the mass drugging of our children with toxic drugs ? An annual death toll of 100,000 people (that’s just in the USA) from pharma. Millions damaged. An inherently deceptive, clandestine and cloak and dagger mentality that ruthlessly stabs people in the back while smiling “antidepressants help people” to their face ?

But people are sick of it and all the similar evasions as well as infiltration’s of their society. Which is why they voted for The Donald and continue to vote for and expand other “populist” movements across the world.

The Cold War ended 30 years ago along with it’s fog of nuclear fear where bad actors such as the CIA could operate with very little challenge to their despicable behaviour. It’s taken that long for the trauma of the Cold War period to start dissipating. Now through the darkness the light begins to show. Even brilliant, almost blinding beams of light to those accustomed to living in darkness.

The mad obsession with drugging everyone will stop eventually because something has fundamentally changed in the cosmos, in consciousness, energetically. The evil one’s don’t know this and just carry on with their usual mechanical responses that have always bonked true freedom and joy on the head before it had the chance to blossom into a truly new world blessed by the hand of God.

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