Is there a missing Factor X here that has made this kind of thing worse than usual ? I’ve been thinking about this for weeks after feeling I was missing something. So we’ve had extensive and pathological Trump Delusion Syndrome, Climate Change scare tactics and Greta Thunberg getting school kids running around all over the place believing they are the last guard against some massive catastrophe. We’ve had Extinction Rebellion as well. Now as always there is a certain Somatic sickness in the population. This is what Wilhelm Reich called the Emotional Plague. People are traumatised for one reason or another. If the trauma is unhealed it ends up as body armouring. This effects cognition to the point where some people can end up behaving in very weird ways. So I posit that this entire Factor X is a big case of “Monsters from the ID” (think of it’s depiction in Forbidden Planet).

The monster in this case is the lock down. The projection is due to all the massive positive developments in the world. Think of Trumps negotiation of many peace settlements. North Korea. Even with the Taliban which has not really been tried before. Economic booms. Increasing employment. Etc, etc. This huge positive increase then makes those with Reich’s Emotional Plague feel very anxious indeed. In their Somatic sickness they are used to the world being the way it is. Solving huge world problems makes them that way because the risk factor is just too much for them to handle (think of all the predictions of Trump starting WW3 over and over). So covid comes along and we have the perfect projection conduit to create the “invisible enemy” (like the projected monster in Forbidden Planet remember).

All the anxieties are amplified through covid (much like the alien machinery amplifies the scientists anxieties of losing his daughter in Forbidden Planet) to create the Monster from the ID of lockdown.

Of course at the end of Forbidden Planet the projection charge level gets too high and the whole thing blows up. Something I think will happen eventually (psychologically speaking).

(Thank you to John Rappoport and his article which inspired me to gel my thinking here. Screen grabs taken from here).

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